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Love Is Blind Contestants Who Got Married and Who Walked Away




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Netflix’s “Love is Blind,” which debuted two weeks ago, began with 30 Atlanta singles and was able to have nearly half of them engaged.

SPOILER ALERT: In the end, two of the seven couples got married in December 2018 and remain so 15 weeks later.

That is still not a ratio given in. The idea was simple. They were placed in “pods” divided by a wall so they could talk. After about 10 days, they needed to determine if they wanted to have engaged to anybody. 

They then were shipped to some pre-honeymoon of sorts in Cancun. Finally, they had three months at the “real world” to get used to one another, meet family and friends and plan a “wedding.”

On day 36, they each held ceremonies and chose whether to say”I do” or ‘I don’t” on the stage.

Others hit it off, Though some of those couples seemed shaky the minute that they laid eyes on each other. But given the editing, there was a surprise or two at the outcomes.

For example, Matt Barnett (who headed by Barnett on the show) seemed like a jokester in the pods and wavered one of three girls. He didn’t look seriously interested in getting married. 

Yet after much back and forth, he picked the youthful wild card Amber Pike, who later advised him of severe financial problems that might have frightened off Barnett.

After “the real world,” Barnett appeared a lot more mature and refined. Then he confessed to feet. It seemed doomed.

But surprise! In the end, he and Amber did get hitched.

Then there is the case of Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase. They got the least airtime of those five couples that made it. (One couple really was not featured in any way. The producers said they couldn’t accommodate that many from a production standpoint and that more people got engaged than they’d expected.)

Like Kelly and Kenny had little to no issues it appeared. Their marriage route seemed super easy. Kenny didn’t reveal any doubts. Then in episode 9, Kelly said she felt like Kenny was like a”companion .” Uh oh. 

“Best friend” zone is not a “marriage” zone. Early in episode 10, she said that she loved Kenny but was not sure she was”100 percent in love .” (I have heard that one before myself!)

So she chased Kenny about the dais. “My feelings for him were not as intense as he were for me,” she explained.

After she said no, Kenny acted right, but his anger bubbled to the surface and he told them to turn off the cameras as soon as the manufacturers started asking him questions. Bad guy.

Both connections that obtained the maximum airtime were Mark Cuevas and Jessica Batten, separated by a decade, along with the multi-racial couple Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton.

Mark fell in love almost from the first dialog and never wavered from day one. Jessica was convinced. She was hot for Barnett till he rejected her. She accepted Mark’s engagement offer sight unseen.

When she met with Mark in person, she did not feel the attraction. She could not deny the psychological pull but could she reconcile that bit that is missing? (The age gap ended up being a relative nonfactor.) She seemed to over-analyze issues and overlay her own concerns seeking to violate his resolve. (She neglected.)

He, of course, said “I do” at the ceremony. After a lengthy producer-induced pause, she said, “I can’t.” As she walked off, poor Mark’s face said it all his heart cracked. But he explained to his mother, “I will be fine.” 

And it seems that is true. The dude is mature for his age. He’ll be okay.

“I am too much of a realist to shoot this big of an opportunity,” Jessica concluded.

Lauren and Cameron made it to the altar. They’d compatibility both from the person and also in the pods. Lauren’s only reservations as a strong black woman were exactly what her black friends and family members (particularly her daddy ) would believe. Cameron managed to win everybody over and it did not hurt that he had had a relationship with a black lady.

Therefore appeared the likelihood of their marriage lasting greater than Barnett and Amber.

The fifth bunch – Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers – was a definite contrast. Damian was a man that is severe. Giannina was a free spirit with volatile emotions. They looked super incompatible despite whatever attraction they felt for each other in the pods.

The difference made Damian uncomfortable. She would say yes one day and next. To her, her feelings were merely airing. He desired consistency.

On the day of the union, she was super and all in upset when he said, running off at the start of episode 10 in spectacular fashion.

“I want somebody that’s all in the day, not only some,” Damian said following the marriage that wasn’t.

“You messed up,” she advised him.

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