Love Is Blind Contestants Mark and Jessica didn’t End Up Together


Love is Blind has been both an endearing journey along with also a cautionary story. Fans yelling to run as far away from each other as possible and are rooting for couples that are certain to end up in wedded bliss.

Several clues let us understand that at least one of the couples is headed for separation, while we might have to wait to find out who ends up together.

What is the premise of ‘Love is Blind’?

Now, dating is all about looks. We swipe directly or left on people. The objective of Love is Blind was to take the superficial facets of relationship from the mixture and see whether people can fall in love with one another without actually seeing each other.

Who are the couples?

Gianina Giabelli and Damien Powers, Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed, Matt Barnett and Amber Pike, Mark Cuevas and Jessica Batten, and Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase are still together heading into the final event.

Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack got participated but did not make it beyond the couples’ excursion to Mexico.

What’s been going on with the couples?

Giabelli and Powers are opposites. Giabelli is feisty and Powers is put back. This has generated more than a little tension between the two of them. Powers has to pay attention and also to remind Giabelli to not yell at him. The two have been on rocky ground because they moved in together.

Hamilton and Speed have gotten along perfectly. They appear to fit together. The one issue is that Speed is accustomed to living independently and doesn’t know if she could combine her life.

Barnes and Chase are just other couples who have had a pretty smooth ride. They have not had any arguments and couples have looked up to them. Chase has not been convinced if she sees Barnes as only a buddy or a romantic partner.

Barnett had a hard time picking between Batten and her though Barnett and Pike connected immediately in the pods. Pike and Barnett are becoming nearer since they have been living together. But after Pike revealed all of her debt, Barnett has been having second thoughts.

Batten and Cuevas have received a lot of backlash from fans. Batten appeared to have mad that he did and had an extremely hard time getting over Barnett. Fans have been trusting that Cuevas leaves Batten and sees the light.

Proof that Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas don’t end up together

Although the show premiered, it was taken in 2018, so the couples could have been married for a while. On Jan. 13, 2020, Powers submitted a photograph to Instagram with Cuevas and Barnes. From the photograph, Cuevas’ left hand is being exhibited sans wedding ring.

Noticing Mark does not have a ring on,” one fan commented about the photograph. “Glad you came from this experience with some fresh authentic friendships.



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