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Love is Blind Contestant Revealed The Truth Behind Solo Holiday

LOVE Is Blind’s Lauren has shown the truth behind her’holiday pics’. The few were one of the pairs that actually said ‘I Do’ on the hit Netflix relationship show.

The show was filmed in late 2018, along with the happy couples needed to maintain their love on social media under wraps until it dropped on the service.

Talking about how difficult it had been to keep it a key through a Twitter Q&A,” Lauren said: “Among the hardest thing about keeping our marriage a secret was definitely being unable to share like a few of our most cherished moments, like during the holidays.

“We couldn’t share Christmas, we couldn’t share Thanksgiving. “After we went on vacations we needed to make it resemble a solo vacay. “Like ‘why’s she on the beach by herself?!’ So that was kind of mad.”

She continued: “I mean of course we wanted to discuss our love, and we couldn’t, so that kind of sucked.”

Husband Cameron totally agreed, nodding together before adding: “It did suck”

Despite the problems, the few said they were grateful for the launch of the show and the difference between production, attributing it to the achievement of their connection.

Cameron clarified: “We kind of tried not to think about it so much and just concentrate on building our relationship since we knew it had been far way away to the future that it had been gonna emerge.

“It was tough, but it was really than it just coming out because we got to bond and grow and develop together.”




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