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Love is Blind Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed Fans are Making a Noise to Tie the Knot

Love Is fans have opinions on the show, and one of them is that Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton get married at the end of the.

The lovers of Love Is Blind have lots of opinions on the series, and among these is that Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton better get married at the end of this.

Both have hit some bumps in the road along the way, but their love for one another is so cute that it is not possible not to wish for their happy end.

The romance between Hamilton and Speed blossomed before some of those other ones. It was only the fourth afternoon – the fourth day!!! – before stride confessed she was falling in love with Hamilton and he said he loved her.

Speed was concerned about her dating a man for the first time what her family members might think, when they met face to face, though they were both attracted to each other.

They cleared the gauntlet of this meeting with father and Speed’s mother and appreciated time in Cancun. Hamilton, though, has appeared so prepared while Speed sounds a little more practical about the entire process.

Speed expressed to Hamilton she honestly was not sure if she would be prepared to state “I do.” It is a chilling situation to tell a fiancĂ© per day in front of a wedding, but also an entirely sensible thing to say to somebody you just met a few weeks ago.

Hamilton, on the other hand, has appeared sure he wishes to wed Speed that it is kind of weird.

Yet, their love has galvanized a growing fan base with not a ton of couples to cause. Matt Barnett includes negative attributes. Jessica Batten sounds like she is dragging along Mark Cuevas to dump him.

Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli have seldom been since moving in together, happy together. And we haven’t seen a lot of Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes to become invested in their love. Hamilton and Speed union is a significant one to flaunt.

While interracial relationships are nothing new in the world, how they are portrayed on tv are usually as an outlier – like at The Bachelor – or as connections which form out of necessity – such as in 90 Day FiancĂ©.

Hamilton was a significant statement for both Speed and the viewers to listen to understand he had been ready.



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