Love Guaranteed Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot and Every Other Detail

Love Guaranteed Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot

Love Guaranteed Updates, Netflix is launching multiple series and movies during the past few months. It appears that the streaming service is trying hard to keep up the subscriber base during the quarantine. Thus, with dramatic TV series and uniques moves, it is leaving no stone unturned to keep us entertained.

Netflix is ready with another movie worth our time, ‘Love, Guaranteed’. Let us get you updated with all the latest developments.


Love Guaranteed Release Date

Netflix’s original romantic movie is coming out earlier than we expected. Reserve your time as this full-packed movie is launching on 3rd September. Still, no official trailer released yet. However,  multiple photos are floating around the web with a glimpse of the movie.

Storyline Of The Movie

Love Guaranteed Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot and Every Other Detail

The story follows Susan, an earnest yet tough lawyer, played by Rachael Leigh Cook. Susan always ends up picking up the pro-bono cases. But soon, she comes across a case that turns out to a life-changing case. This random case turns her life upside down.  The amazing storyline of this romantic comedy is created by Elizabeth Hackett and Hilary Galano.

Susan is approached by  Nick, played by Damon Wayans Jr for a case. Nick wants to sue an online relationship site that claims to help their customers find love at one attempt.

With a motive to find love on the website, Nick ends up suing up. Soon both of them find themselves in a media typhoon. What the future has in hold for Susan and Nick?

With the movie set up to launch in September, we will be getting a legit trailer soon. Will this complicated case lead to only a  media outrage? You might be glad to hear that we are getting to witness Heather Graham as the ruthless CEO of the dating website. Well, we just got one more reason to watch Love, guaranteed.