Love Death + Robot Season 3: Will There Be Another Season? Confirmed News!

Anime series is perhaps one of the most influential series at this time. No doubt if you are into animation or not, anime series is something that will out your expectations to the different zone. There is something magical and intriguing in these stories that makes you addicted to it. If you are into anime series then the recently released, “Love Death + Robots” is something that you will love. Netflix’s popular anime series has already released two seasons and now the fans are waiting for Love Death + Robots Season 3 to happen.

Then there is something that you will surely love in today’s article. Perhaps the most provocative of all the animated shows that Netflix released in 2019 was the insanely funny, animation anthology “


Love Death + Robots brings back the fun and sarcasm in the animations. While the series will not be one of the most famous but it has managed to get the attention of millions of people. Netflix has been lending many series on their platform and when there is something new comes up, all the subscribers keen to know about it. No doubt why any anime gets a blockbuster hit after getting into Netflix.

That’s the reason why many of the fans are wondering about the third season. So far, the series has released two seasons back to back and both of them have gained quite a respectful position in the eyes of the audience. 

Both the season have been amazing and the second season ends with thousands of questions lying under the desk. With fans wanting to see all those big monsters back on the screen, we have questions to talk about. Will there be Love Death + Robots Season 3? 

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Will there be a Love, death + Robots season 3? 

Love, Death + Robot Season 3 There are a lot of speculations regarding the third part of the anime series. Netflix has been already hinting at the possibility of another season. Many stories are left to talk about.

There are many rumors which say that the third season is happening. However, the OTT platform is already experimenting with anime series and there are chances for the series to get renewed. Fans are manifesting for their series to return but there are no updates for this to happen. 

Moreover, the end of the second season raise many questions, and many things needed to be clear. While many fans have been wondering what new sets of stories will bring to the fans, we have a lot of things that they need to be clear. The streaming giant is yet to reveal the exact date, but speculations could be made for it to be released in late spring so be prepared for another collection of pictorial gripping, abnormal plot stories to hit Netflix sometime next year.

Tim Millar has hinted at the release of another season, “We’ve got volume 3 coming out, very soon” He further added, “I could not be more excited about the stories we have there. There are some big surprises for everybody. One of which you already know is another installment of those three crazy robots.”

While the office is all set to release their official volume three of the Love Death + Robots for the audience but they haven’t confirmed fixed release date yet. If there will be any updates regarding the confirmed date then I’ll let you guys know. Bookmark this page to get updated on the latest news of this series. 

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Love, Death + Robots Season 3: What does the Director Say?

Created by a lot of international filmmakers that delve into the worlds of artificial intelligence, monsters, robots, alien worlds, and space travel. The nature of humanity itself and I think that the diverse set of perspectives that it has got in the directorial part is what makes it even more worth watching for the audience around the world.

It’s like asking an obvious question to young fans if they want Giants with no clothes, festive demons, pounded spaceships, and robots-gone-crazy? Um yes, please cause all we want is to be dark, unusual, and unbearable in all the places.

Introduced by “Deadpool” director Tim Miller and David Fincher, it immediately left fans with no patience whatsoever regarding the wait for its 2nd volume. And now the show is back with Season 2, premiering on the 14th of May.

Director Tim Miller earlier said that ‘Love death and robots’ was his dream project and it shows his enthusiasm towards animation and amazing short stories. He acknowledges the show by saying, “Movies, books, and comics of tremendous fiction have inspired me for decades” 

He further added, “However, they have been relegated to the fringe culture of geeks and nerds of which I was a part of it and now I’m so fucking excited that the creative landscape has finally changed so much so that the adult-themed animation has become a part and parcel of the broader cultural conversation.”

Well, all these things look quite fascinating when the director himself is so devoted to their project. As season 2 is here but the fans are already messing around and want the update regarding the third season, we want to answer that too. 

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Love, Death + Robot Season 3: What’s it about?

Love, Death + Robot Season 3

This section of episodes presents an eclectic collection, whether it comes to human dependence on technology, the arrogance of power, respect for the environment. And how corporate greed has a bold impact on the community or a lack of respect for humanity by our very own people. All of which can be summed up as the arrogance of the human race, which, in the end, will lead to our downfall.

I think that the second season is full of amazing pictures; the pieces, such as “Ice,” “Life Hutch”, and “Pod Squad”, are just too much of an episode. The series is a visual marvel, accompanied by an ambitious story.

This time, the animation is even more amazing. Photo-realism in this, the Snow, the Desert was amazing, to the point where I had to Google whether this was all an animation or real. Glory to the animation studios, the team’s brilliant work!!!! It will, no doubt, make others think in the direction to be more realistic in the animated movies department in the future, and I can’t wait to see them on the big screen.

Furthermore, the show promises Love, Death, and Robots, but there are a few episodes where it doesn’t happen at all. But it’s ok if the stories are great, which, unfortunately, is not the case here. 

While comparing season 2 with the 1st, which was a collection of edgy and bold ways of thinking, They make you think for days and weeks after you watch them. This story is still up on a buzz, which is, in itself, unique at the time.

My verdict – 8/10

One thing that would take your eyes at the instant is the visuals and animations of the series. The creators have done an amazing job. With the series getting all those things that are needed in building the series, these anime have. However, there are a lot of things that get attention for no reason. 

I know that this is something that Netflix has originally done with, Been into Netflix, the show has a lot of things to take care of. The audience has a lot of expectations regarding this show but this series typically fails. 

Anyone who’s tryna understands how visuals, arts, and animation work should study the episodes as in how to be the best in the business. The series has wonderfully stood out among all the animation out there and I can’t agree more with this.

But what dials down all the excitement is the story, which I think, could be a lot more diverse. Love, death, and robots can consist of a lot more evil surprises and frightening robotic creatures. The animation is already on point and I think the storyline will be the key in season 3. 

Love, death + Robots: Is it worth watching? 

Love, Death + Robot Season 3

In general, the Love, Death + Robots Season 2 continues to show a hot streak to be one of Netflix’s best adult shows. In season 2, the episode is filler, as well as excessive violence and sexual content. Instead, this season gives the eight-episode, one good thing about a pop group, and, on this night, stands out as the best of the season. 

The series has everything that would turn into a fan. From being an NSFW chain of animated sci-fi short films, the series is a wonderful creation of many international creators who bring their work on a single plate. One of the things that outstand this anime with the rest of the shows is how diversified it is. Filled with the fantasy world where aliens, spaceships, and a multiverse world, the series got tons of things that can easily make a person addicted. 

The lack of a 2D animation of the episodes of season 2 also brings a world of action, violence, images, and a dark sense of humor. The only thing that we can expect from season 3 is just more and more excitement.

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