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Lost In Space Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Every Major Update and What can you expect from the season

It is one of the best enthralling show produced by Netflix in the missing space genre. As till now, the show had two intriguing seasons; and is expected to return with its third season.

Although it is not officially confirmed, the sources report that the producers are working on the third season.

Releases Date

The Netflix launch pattern for this show is irregular. The first season fanned in April 2018 and the second season premiered in December 2019.

Now season 3 has no confirmed date as the VFX team has a lot of work to do. To make the show more compelling for both audiences and producers the network needs more time.

Due to the workload in the visual effects, we can assume that the Lost in Space Season 3 will premiere during the fall in January 2021.



The Robinson family is presented as the protagonist of the show. The lead actors John and Maureen (Toby Stephens and Molly Parker) are lost in space.

The second generation of the family is their children Judy, Will, and Penny. Taylor Russell, portrayed by Maxwell Jenkins and Meena Sundwal will also return to the show for season 3.

Like any other show lost in space is incomplete out of villains. So, Willens Parker Posey and Ignacio Servicio, acted by June Harris and Don West, will be seen in season 3.


The plot will revolve around the Robinson family. The second season was significant since we saw the Robinson family breaking, so we can expect a family reunion in season 3.

In Season 3 of Lost in Space, the children have to fight a lot by themselves, so they have to find a way to reunite with their family.

It will be interesting to watch as they have to do it void of their parent’s guidance. The co-author Matt Sazama said that “The Robinson family will persist forever”.

Further adding that the story started with the robot and everything we needed. “There is a very satisfying conclusion to the story, so more stories can befall.”

Let’s wait until season 3 streams for getting the answers.



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