Lost In Space Season 3 Release, Cast, Plot And Is Dr. Smith Going To Her Flashbacks


After their incredible series from the streaming giant, their new season three does not need any kind of verification or confirmation from Netflix, as the creators of the show have already begun their projects on it. 

Burk Sharpless, the co-writer of the series said that they will be coming for their new season very soon and they have already started writing.


Release Date

The release date of their third season has not been confirmed yet officially they have not announced anything of the third season yet. 

But looking at the dates of their previous seasons, the upcoming season might get its release date this year itself.

If they don’t come or have their release date this year then it will surely be available next year that it 2021 and it will be as early as possible.


Last season, we all got the trailer the month before season two was released or it was aired. 

We are expecting that the trailer of the third season can be published in late 2020, depending on the air date of their new third season.

The trailer will be very good as we have seen the previous ones they were so good the fans loved it so much and they were very much interested to watch the show. 

The music that was used in the video and all the effects that were used looked very good and very catchy.


So we know that the release date of the third season has not been released yet so the cast of the third season has also not been said or confirmed to the fans. 

We are hoping that when the trailer for their third season will come that time the cast of the third season will be said or confirmed.

We are expecting that there will be some new characters with some new roles in the third season but we are just expecting that. Let’s hope the best for them.