Lost in space: Netflix the second finale of the season shows the deadliest numbers


Lost in space, Season 2 Netflix follows the first appearance of the hero of this story, not Robinson.

As expected, Don West (Ignacio Serricchio) is involved in this story, but with the other allies of the 24th colonial group aboard S.S. It was decided.


But Robinson and Dr. Parker Posey Cheng Schengen are against the flooding of the robot.

Some new allies include Vijay, Penny’s wreck, Young Sam (who was killed by his father last season), Maureen (Molly Parker) and John (Toby Stephens) operate the ship, and citizens consider them a safe pasture.

However, at the end of the season, 97 people turned out to be “deadly,” and new characters entered their composition.

One of the biggest discoveries of the season was that Robinson fled to Resolute from the water world at the end of season 1.
However, they did not find anyone because they all escaped after the robot Will and his attackers found him and continued their struggle.

When Robinsons investigate, they find a third evil robot that analyzes the ship. They capture him and when Captain Adler (JJ Feild) and Agent Hastings (Douglas Hodge) arrive with their army, the bot is captured and taken to a secret cell.

It soon became clear that the stuffed animals were pilots of foreign ships that fell to Earth decades ago. The engine is designed to create a wormhole with Resolute technology.

This is the same technology that both robots used and fought last season, but Resolute started and improved the scarecrow at the command of Adler and Hasting, bringing it to the Alpha Centauri.

The ship is located in the engine room, which makes it easy to fly like a slave.

But the problem is that the scarecrow is so badly damaged that, despite Will’s list, another option is needed to communicate with the robot.

Fortunately, the boy had a vision of his robot on a desert planet, all other colonies took refuge, and Adler agreed that Will and Maureen would return the robot to the place of the sick stuffed animal.

Adler finally finds and kills evil robots in season one to fight the Amber Planet so that Will, Maureen and their robots, which are no longer damaged, can return to help.

Hastings wants to convince Will to control the robot, but the robot decides to help his friend when he finds a scarecrow and is tortured.

The scarecrow held the flying machine, like the moat of Robinson who had gone into the sea.

This metal zone is a loading zone where stuffed animals and other robots gather.

Resisting the claim that the robot must “pull the stuffed animal out of the storm,” Adler finds his army and moves the stuffed animal.

The killing and fall of Jupiter with the help of Will caused a recharge, Adler died during a storm, left Will on the ship and after some time could not reach the scarecrow after the rebellion of his parents.

But when Will noticed that the robotic hull was traveling in the water world, it became clear that Hastings had a valid account.
Although the robot finally left the engine room, the only solution was to bring the children to the Alpha Centaur with Jupiter powered by the Resolute Alien engine.

The robot replaces the pilot, and the captain is Judy (Taylor Russell). Because it is the fastest way to ensure security.

When the first wave arrived, Maureen entered the boat.
There is motivation to stop the robot and save time so that Judy’s stomach is broken and people accumulate rubble to kill the robot.
Permission will be destroyed, but adults will lose their lives and find children in other ways.

But if the robot avoids impulse fingers (because it moves so slowly that the human eye cannot see it), Will will attack and stop Judy’s ship.

He rides a bicycle when his colleagues leave the sea trench, and releases four arms and red rays of energy after his body returns to its original state.

This is the wrong order because you destroyed most of the races in the corridor. The general shook his head.

But the stuffed animal will not fall without a fight, and Will and Judy will have enough time to lead Jupiter through their wormholes.

It remains to be seen whether the scarecrow died with other generals and bots after salvation was broken into the wreckage.
But people are still on Jupiter, so they can testify to this and make him thankful for what they have done for their children.

Lost in Space stars Toby Stephens, Molly Parker, Maxwell Jenkins, Taylor Russell, Mina Sundwall, Ignacio Serricchio, and Parker Posey. Season 2’s 10 episodes are now available to stream on Netflix.