‘Lord of the Rings’ Star Andy Serkis Says His ‘Christmas Carol’ Ghost Is Bored Until He Meets Scrooge


Andy Serkis has made numerous true to life characters utilizing execution catch innovation. First was Gollum in Lord of the Rings. At that point came King Kong himself. At that point Caeser, the pioneer of the chimp transformation in three Planet of the Apes films. Presently he’s bringing another form of The Ghost of Christmas Past to life in FX’s adjustment of A Christmas Carol.

Andy Serkis in A Christmas Carol | Robert Viglasky/FX, Fellow Pearce is the new Ebenezer Scrooge. He’ll be visited by three apparitions, and generally, in these adjustments, it’s the Ghost of Christmas Future that alarms Scrooge straight. With Serkis playing Christmas Past, he’s going to give Christmas Future a run for his cash. Serkis was on a Television Critics Association board talking about the Ghost of Christmas Past. A Christmas Carol debuts December 19 at 7:30 p.m. on FX.


Lord of the Rings

Andy Serkis is on a strategic ‘A Christmas Carol’ It’s the Ghost of Christmas Past who attempts to show Scrooge the mistake of his past ways. It takes two additional phantoms to come to the meaningful conclusion, however, Andy Serkis considered him to be as one who’s up for the test.

L-R: Guy Pearce and Andy Serkis | Robert Viglasky/FX “The adventure that the Spirit of Christmas Past goes on is one of attempting to air out and make Scrooge face himself and open his spirit up,” Serkis said. “He’s burned through a huge number of years sort of managing others’ spirits and is, truth be told, exhausted of the activity. Yet, this one, this character is such a nut to pop open, that he thinks that its sort of an agreeable interest. Be that as it may, the more he goes on the voyage, the harder he finds the test.”

Andy Serkis’ Ghost of Christmas Past gets in Scrooge’s face
In different Christmas Carols, the Ghost of Christmas Past might be lighthearted elements paving the way to the more genuine apparitions. Andy Serkis’ variant isn’t messing about.

“In our rendition, we wanted to make him angrier and somewhat less sweet,” Serkis said. ” It is very fierce, and what’s behind it is this craving to hold the mirror up immediately and frighteningly. In any case, he’s difficult to such an extent that it turns into a lot greater employment for him than he at any point anticipated. So we made him a significantly more physically undermining and alarming variant.”

Lord of the Rings

You’ll see the genuine Andy Serkis in ‘A Christmas Carol’
A Christmas apparition could without much of a stretch meet all requirements for one of Andy Serkis’ exhibition catch gigs. Apparitions are as otherworldly as anything in Lord of the Rings yet rather, Serkis shows up in live-activity on the set, yet with prosthetic upgrades.

“I was wearing prosthetic cosmetics and had scars and an eye that is dead on one side,” Serkis said. “I was wearing an ensemble that weighed around 250 pounds and stumbled each other on-screen character on set. The cosmetics calls were extremely long, however as you are experiencing that procedure of the entirety of this stuff being put on you, it does positively assist you with changing into the character. It is pleasant to play a character wearing an ensemble as opposed to a scanty leotard with specks on its facade.”

Andy Serkis as the Ghost of Christmas Past | Robert Viglasky/FX
It didn’t take hours to put on that leotard with specks in Lord of the Rings, however.

“We began being about among more than two to three hours, and afterward the design, getting everything off, really took similarly as long,” Serkis said of his Christmas Carol cosmetics and ensemble. “We figured out how to get it down. We figured out how to nail it down.”

The Ghost of Christmas Past still has enchantment Andy Serkis’ Ghost of Christmas Past might be more physical than most apparitions, however despite everything he utilizes his enchantment to come to his meaningful conclusion to Scrooge.