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Midsommar’s Will Poulter has vacated his only lead role on Amazon’s grandiose Lord of the Rings TV adaption. While the amazon’s Television prequel adaption of The Lord Of the Rings is set in the great movie inspiring mythology ofJ.R.R. Tolkiens novels, is now still lacking in some specific details other than it’s centuries earlier time setting, the cast of the series has been slowly coming together. However, it seems like one of the co-stars Will Poulter has withdrawn from the series over scheduling conflicts.


Poulter, who is an English actor and also who has seen his star steadily rise in the last few years or months, was cast to co-star on the series back in September. While there were some details on Poulter’s character are still unknown, the said character will join the co-star in Aussie actress Markella Kavenagh, who will play as the character named Tyra. The series has cast many good and well-known actors and actresses from famous plays.


Poulter has seen no shortage of high profile film roles, this co-starring slot on the Lord of The Rings would have been his one of the greatest part of his life. But interestingly it won’t even stand as the only high-profile part to slip through Poulter’s fingers.

The Amazon series which, without a good formal title to cite is still till date simply referred as The Lord Of the Rings, is now confirmed to take place in the Second Age Of Middle Earth, thousand of years before the Tolkiens main novels and it is based on the fact is very much expected to chronicle the first war over the One Ring, which is famously depicted onscreen in the prologue to The Fellowship Of the Ring.

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