Loki Sequel And Everything You Need To Know

Loki Series

Its time for Loki fans to brace themselves for a wild ride. The sequel for the God of Mischief, Thor’s adopted brother, has cast a new lead which sources say might be a woman or the icon Tom Hiddleston. According to sources, the role was a highly competitive one, and one had to be different to play this role.

Loki is known for his infidelity and his comic rivalry with his adopted brother, who is the God of lightning himself. Due to these reasons, he is usually depicted as an Antagonist. This could also be because he wants to sit on the Asgardian throne and does not want his brother to get the crown. Since his debut on the screen in 2011 in the movie Thor, he has been portrayed as an anti. Hence he has made his place in the hearts of the audience.


Resources revealed that Di Martino would be portraying the role of female Loki.the branches reportedly sector actress will be dividing roll with Tom Hiddleston through the Disney plus’s mini-series. In this new Phase, 4 Marvel female Loki may not be the only gender struck Asgardian. With reports dated back to July in San Diego comic con, Natalie Portman is reported to star as Thor in the coming for sequel Thor love and Thunder.

Di Martino

This and the madness of the multiverse in which includes Doctor Strange series connecting to the Loki sequel suggests that there will be future connections in the MCU. Many fans questions will be answered in this sequel regarding look is death in avengers Infinity war the God of mischief joint the tesseract in the endgame.

Hiddleston also said that in the Loki sequel his iconic character would come across more powerful opponents. One can only hope that the audience receives the answers to questions they have to love the series of matches they love the character.