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Log Horizon Season 3: Release Date, The Plot And All Other Details!

Log Horizon Season 3 is, perhaps, the most awaited Japanese Anime series. Fans have been waiting for a very long time for the upcoming Season 3. The last season, i.e, Season 2 was released in 2015 and since then fans have been waiting. Even after five whole years, the excitement for the anime series has not decreased.

This implies that the anime series is immensely popular. Fortunately, the wait of the fans is about to be over as Season 3 is making it the way. Find all the details in the article!

Release Date Of Log Horizon Season 3:

Log Horizon Season 3 -Release Date, The Plot And All Other Details!

The series has been delayed a lot and it’s been five years since the last season. Though, the enthusiasm of the fans got very high when the anime series was renewed for Season 3 quite some time back.

Fortunately, the production of Log Horizon was almost complete which indicates that not much time is left for the show. Though, few things in the production were left and weren’t completed due to the pandemic situation. As the majority of the production is complete we can expect the upcoming season in January 2021.

The Storyline Of The Show

The upcoming season will start from the point where season 2 was left. Many unanswered questions were left in the previous season. These answers are expected from the upcoming season. Also, whether the Round Table Conference will break or not? This will be answered in Season 3 of Log Horizon.

Fans have to only wait for a few months now and it will be possible as we have waited five long years.



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