Log Horizon Season 3 Every Detail: Release date, [Expected Plot] and other detail

Log Horizon Season 3- Cast and Characters

The Japanese anime series, Log Horizon aired back in 2014, and fans of the series have been wanting to hear about the near future of this series.

Log Horizon, a novel series by Mamare Touno was illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara, and it had been adapted into four manga collection. While the other three focussed about the characters of Light Novel the one revolved around the original plot of this series.

Shortly, the series got its anime adaptation which made its debut on 2013 and the next season ran from 2014 to 2015, but following the second season aired, the series didn’t get renewed, and it’s already 2019, but still, there’s absolutely no word on whether the anime will capture its third period or not.

Season 3 of Log Horizon - The Characters And The Way To See

In regards to giving an anime show similar to this for its 41, there have been a lot of false rumours which asserted that the anime will find a renewal by 2019, but it is pretty complicated. We have brought all the latest updates and information concerning the show, so here is.

Generally, the production house needs source materials to adapt into an anime show and for a specific period to happen, a great deal of story materials is needed and also the production home generally keeps a difference so as to prevent any conflict between the original source as well as the anime.

Log Horizon Season 3 every detail

For series, in publishing the manga chapters that were particular in case a delay occurs, the anime could be delayed by creating filler episodes.

In Log Horizon’s case, if reports are to be believed, NHK doesn’t have sufficient narrative materials to rekindle the series. It’s said that the big hiatus between the 10th and 11th volumes of the series created this problem.

The 11th volume came out in 2018 and NHK established two seasons 25 episodes each, of Log Horizon. So, practically, for Season 3, to occur, they would call for a great deal of story materials from the source.

When is Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date?

Log Horizon Season 3 will be published in Japan in October 2020. The show is verified to be arriving this season, and Log Horizon’s third season will launch in October 2020.

Update 1

Currently, we didn’t find any information about the show even though we’re in March of 2020, while we’re keeping a close eye to the developments which are happening about the series. However, we do know that the season concluded in 2015, and we are waiting we cannot state anything with confidence as everything becomes delayed.

In addition, the planet is facing the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak which is causing huge damage in Japan, China, and South Korea, which are home to the Anime industry. Thus, a great deal of shows like Re: Zero have been postponed, and there are chances of others getting delayed. So, stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated with the details as they appear into OtakuKart.


Log Horizon Season 3- Cast and Characters

The same cast of year 2 is expected to go back for the upcoming sequel. Cast members of the last season such as Mike Yager (Shiroe), Joji Nakata (Nyanta) and Emiri Kato (Akatsuki), along with other significant cast members will reprise their roles.

The Characters And the Best Way to View in Season 3

Log Horizon Season 3- Cast and Characters

Share and his companions- Akatsuki and Naotsugu have been since the beginning of the match with him. We’re exceptionally anticipating the yield along with a few strategies.

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Photo Gallery of Log Horizon Season 3


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