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Locke & Key Season 2 Confirmed: Release Date And Official Trailer


It’s been 12 years since the fans have actually waited to watch Locke & Key on the big screen. Fans have been waiting for the series for so long and now Netflix has finally decided to make the series a year before. The show has nearly taken 12 years to reach the fans and after the first season was up, fans are looking forward to knowing more about the series. That’s the reason why is keeping all the fans locked with the hope for Locke & Key Season 2. 

It wouldn’t be the best decision if the fans would not get another season of the series. The show is already a popular teenage drama among the fans and has hooked up since season 1. After season 1 ends, fans knew that there would be more to explore. 

Season 1 was something that raised the hopes and the cliffhanger was making all the audience wait for another part. Canceling the Locke & Key season 2 wouldn’t be the best idea when all the situations are favoring the sequel. That’s when Netflix officially confirmed season 2 of the series, making all the fans excited. 

The news was definitely a happy one for all the show’s admirers and it’s time to help them to understand the second installment of Locke & Key much better. If you are someone who has watched the first part and want to get all the details regarding season 2 then you are here. In this article, we’ll be discussing everything about the second part of  Locke & Key in detail. 

Locke & Key Season 2 Confirmed: When is it Coming out?

After season 1 of Locke & Key ended, fans started to wonder if there would be anything more to explore about the series. Netflix has already dedicated their time to the popular shows and fortunately, Locke & Key Season 2 fans are under the list.  

With almost 12 years of waiting they have finally paved them off. I can clearly think that there would be anything much more important for the fans than getting a renewal. Yes, there is. The officials have also confirmed the Locke & Key Season 3 and the series got a greenlight. Whatta news indeed!

The co-showrunner Meredith Averill released a statement in an interview regarding the show. She said, 

“I’m incredibly grateful to have found a home at Netflix where I feel constantly supported, challenged, and inspired. I look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship.”

She further added, “We have some incredible adventures in store for the Locke family in season three, and could not be more excited to continue telling our story with our great partners at Netflix.”

The Locke & Key Season 2 will be released on 22 October 2022 exclusively on Netflix only

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Locke & Key Season 2 Cast: Who is returning back in the Series?

After the first season of the series ended, fans knew that there would be another season. As Netflix has confirmed Locke & Key Season 2, the cast is already confirmed by the creators. The officials are already looking forward to working with the original cast of the series. 

The first season of Locke & Key ended with a surprising note and that clearly states the possibility of the plot of season 2. We know that the cast would be returning for sure and it wouldn’t be right to change the cast immediately. 

Neither the cast nor the officials have witnessed any controversy that makes the high chances of all the characters returning back in the show. In the next few minutes, we’ll be discussing the cast and the characters of the movie with you. Keep yourself updated with it. 

  • Jackson Robert Scott will be back as the main character, Bode Locke.
  • Connor Jessup will be reprising his role as Tyler Locke.
  • Emilia Jones will be cast as Kinsey Locke.
  • Sherri Saum will be back as Ellie Whedon.
  • Griffin Gluck will follow the role of Gabe.
  • Darby Stanchfield will be reprising her role as Nina Locke.
  • Laysla De Oliveira is coming back as Dodge.

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Locke & Key Season 2 Plot: What to expect with the Storyline?

Averill has already said in an interview, “The first season, we always thought of as being the story of the kids learning that they’re the new Keepers of the Keys,”.

She also added that “With season two, we want to explore what that responsibility means. What does it mean as they get closer to being 18 years old – the age when you age out of magic – what does that mean?”

Averill also informed that “Tonally, I think we intend to keep the show the same, but we do want to deepen the characters’ lives and the issues they’re dealing with. The older kids are moving closer to their graduation, and while grief is something that you never fully let go of, the kids are going to be able to begin moving on because. At least for now, they know the truth of what happened to him.”

“If you can believe it, the Locke kids are going to be dealing with things far heavier than the death of their father in season two.”

With all these things said by the officials themselves, you can also guess what the future of the series brings. 

Is there any official trailer for the series?

The official trailer of Locke & Key Season 2 was released a week earlier. After Netflix officially released the trailer video for the show, fans were quick to notice. Within a week, the video got a million views and counting and now there is just the wait for the show itself. 

Fortunately, the fans are just being lucky for the series and now it’s been a few days left since they will see the series again. If you are someone who has missed the show and wanted to watch it now then we are here for you. Watch the amazing trailer of the series and find what the second installment brings back. 

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Final Words

Locke & Key Season 2 is already confirmed by the officials and the creators have also released a date. The series has been informed to be set back the original cast and season 2 is already confirmed to bring back our favorite stars. Fans have been excited about the series and now there is already hype for the series. Just a week earlier, the creators have released the official trailer of the movie, which has received a million views. 

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