Locke And Key: New Keys to explore in Season 2?


Locke and Key is one of the top-grossing American supernatural horror show. Its first season was had and impactful storyline. The concept of putting magic in keys was something the viewers never witnessed before. Moreover, the act of witches and ghosts spiced up the story.

Season 2 Release Date

The writing for the script of Season two was started in March 2020. Due to the pandemic situation, the second season cannot be expected anytime soon. The fans are really excited about the show and the internet is filled with fan theories for the next season. Unfortunately, the release date is unpredictable.

Would there be a new cast in Locke And Key Season 2?

Locke and Key Season 2 - Release date, Cast, Plot
No news about the new cast is leaked form the creators, however, the new season marks the start of a new storyline and it will have new characters. The cast form the previous season will be retained for season two. The lead characters are Darby Stanchfield, Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones, and Jackson Robert Scott, comprising the characters of the Locke family; and Dodge, Lucas, and Gabe, portrayed by Layla De Oliveira, Felix Mallard, and Griffin Gluck.

The trailer is not out yet so nothing can be stated about the storyline. However, it should start the Locke family being attacked by demons when they threw Eden into an empty cavity beyond the Omega door.
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