Lizzo shared a video of Rihanna twerking in the now-legendary dress


Lizzo seemed to cite Rihanna As an”inspiration” because of its risque, backside-bearing outfit she wore to the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday night.
On Monday, Lizzo shared a movie of Rihanna twerking from the dress she wore into the 2014 CFDA Awards. Though she disclosed more than Rihanna did Rizzo twerked in her outfit also.
Some of the replies to the tweet didn’t appear impressed with Lizzo citing Rihanna.
“LEAVE RIHANNA ALONE,” one person tweeted.
“Girl no,” another wrote. “Don’t Bring her into this. Time and place time and place, your top and panty weren’t meant to get a basketball game.”
“I wish she can be your inspiration throughout the appropriate times. Rihanna knows how when to become a poor b–‘ and if to be more subtle,” another fan wrote.
“The Staples Center where you’ll see families and children is one of those places that needs you to be appropriate and you weren’t.”
When she got the Fashion Icon Award Rihanna wore her famous Swarovski-encrusted, absolute fishnet dress.
Even though the dress helped redefine”naked apparel,” Rihanna later told Vogue she had some regrets about it.
“I just liked it better with no traces underneath. Could you imagine the CFDA dress? I’d slit my throat,” Rihanna stated in 2016.
“I wished to, for wearing a thong that was not bedazzled. That’s the only regret I have in my whole life.”
It dominated dialog, although it’s too early to tell what Sort of lasting impact Lizzo’s Sunday appearance will have.
She wore a black outfit with the backside. If she twerked to her own sing” Juice” at the game, everyone in the Staples Center and at house seeing could see what color thong she was wearing.
Lizzo has made Rihanna’s sway on her job no secret, and Rihanna reciprocated that by praising the”Truth Hurts” singer in September.
“I love Lizzo, she’s so badass,” Rihanna told Entertainment Tonight. “I Had collaborated with her into the lights with this particular interview, Lizzo is indeed badass and she’s all that Savage stands for — a positive Lady, your attitude, whatever size, color, the shape is what makes You barbarous.
You give off like you, and feel to those who look like you, those are the people that identify with the new”