Little Women (2019) Review: Greta Gerwig’s Harmony Is A Frolic


Based on the novel written by Louisa May Allcott in 1868, Little Woman is a story that dates back a century and more than a century, including adaptations over the years on stage, film, and TV. Huh. Telling the story of the four sisters who came of age in the later years of the American Civil War, Little Woman offers families, wedding themes, and girls to find their way in life. Age details have been echoing for generations with women and girls of all ages and expected to do so for several days to come.

The latest journey of Little Woman features the ensemble of both established and upcoming artists, who rejuvenate Alcott’s classic tale. Greta Gerwig’s younger women are bringing a heartfelt and honest story to life with outstanding performances from their entire cast.


Little Women

The younger women follow the four March sisters – Meg (Emma Watson), Joe (Sorceress Ronan), Amy (Florence Pugh) and Beth (Eliza Skillen) – who live with their mother Marmie (Laura Hernan) and time. Her neighbor and friend Laurie (Timothy Chalamet) spend big time. The singer, who dreams of becoming a writer and never sits down to marry, while both Meg and Amy set their sights on marrying good men. Beth, the youngest, is a skilled piano player with a kind heart.

As the four sisters and Laurie grow older, all of them must cope with how much they can change from events like love, loss, marriage, and heartbreak. After separating the seven years twice, young women show March sisters when they are teenagers and pre-teens and later when they are women.

Little Women

In addition to adapting the screenplay from Elcott’s original story, Gerwig also directed the younger women, who themselves were published in two parts, March’s Young Life and their adult lives. Instead of telling the story in two separate parts, Gerwig’s screenplay weaves together promptly, telling parallel stories that complement each other and work well to show that each sister is older. After that, she has changed so much.

It is particularly used for a heart-breaking effect, reflecting Beth’s illness as a young girl and later in life, during which she attempts to return to health. In this scene, and everything else, Gerwig proves himself to be a skilled, stylish and truly honest director. The love and care that Gerwig took to adopt the stories of the March sisters are evident from the screenplay and direction of Little Woman, a new offering on Alcott’s beloved story that honors its original themes.

Little Women

In Little Woman, Gerwig retired with Ronald, who starred in the filmmaker’s solo direction, Lady Bird of 2017. The pair proves once again that they will have the strength to keep pace with Rona and who will perform brilliantly. But who is closest to Little Woman as a solo hero, and Ronan plays that role well, Gerwig’s screenplay is sure to give responsibility to every sister in March. Watson brings a great deal of depth and sympathy to Meg, while Pugh has steel for Amy that allows her to make her grip with Rona Key which is fascinating to watch with Joe. Scanlen’s sweetest charm to Beth needs the youngest sister.

Dern and Meryl Streep pose as exceptionally strong leading female actors, bringing warmth and cold sensitivity respectively. In the end, Gerig equaled Dil and Swagger, playing Chalamet as a lobbyist with another Lady Bird star, and Axel in the role of the young actor. The on-screen duo of Chalamet and Ronen light up the screen again with their chemistry, though this time as Joe and Laurie.

In the end, Gerwig Little Woman is a true story of women who, though adhering to the Civil War, will continue to resonate with all modern audiences. Gerwig brings some modern sensibilities to Little Woman, in particular, the film’s outspoken criticism of people who tell absurd stories about and for women. Nevertheless, Grave’s film largely focuses on the intricacies of her female characters’ lives, treating them with ups and downs that affirm the filmmaker’s devotion to portraying these stories faithfully.

Little Woman has some pacing issues, as the film feels that it has many natural endpoints, yet it continues so that viewers will feel every moment of its two-hour-plus runtime. Nevertheless, once the film is over, the same audience will desire to return to the world immediately, preparing for this latest adaptation of Gerwig Little Woman.