Recently Lil Pump is spreading holiday cheer for the people who need it the most one corn dog at a time. The rapper was seen out in Los Angeles this Wednesday, hooking up the homeless with very good hot meals, cold drinks and warm clothes for winter. The rapper hit the streets of Skid Row, serving up the corn dogs, then the turkey dogs, cheese dogs as well, French fries and lemonade and the rapper also passed out some jackets, pants, and socks to around six hundred people.

Lil Pump

The rapper was seen teaming up with a couple of companies for the good deed that he was doing. He joined forces with My friends House Foundation, Hot Dog On a Stick and his buddy, RD Whittington, who is the owner of luxury celeb car company Wires Only, who dropped seven thousand dollars on this charity event.


The carnival fare sounds were very much different than the normal time and that is because we are told that the rapper Lil Pump and RD wanted to pass out some food that was non-traditional, so the mission that the rapper was trying to do was accomplished.

This shows that the rapper had a very kind heart and we know he is a very good guy who always cares about his environment and everyone who needs help. Reading this many of us might get motivated by him is some way or the other, and the work that he is doing and the companies who collaborated with him also did their best.

Lil pump who is known for his living large, so we know that it is very nice of him giving back the community. He is a very good guy and a very good rapper as well. let’s hope the best for him and we know that he will do these work more in the future and help the needy ones.