LIL BUB has Died at the age of Eight


Lil Bub, the feline phenomenon which took the whole internet and the social media by storm, has passed away at the age of just eight years old, and tributes are pouring in for the sweet little cat.
It’s a very sad day for the fans of the famous cat, Lil Bub. The adorable cute cat who skyrocketed to the internet fame and the subsequent pop culture celebrity passed away on December 1st as this was given by Bub’s owner named Mike Bridavsky.


He said that on the morning of Sunday, December 1st 2019, he lost his adorable cat, the only purest and the kindest and the most magical living force on the planet for him. Mike, the owner, revealed in a statement that Bub was very cheerful and he was full of love laying in his own bed with him, in Saturday night, but he unexpectedly passes away peacefully in his sleep.


Bub’s unique appearance that made him so much famous was due to being born with several genetic abnormalities including feline dwarfism, osteoporosis, and a trait that left her permanently a small kitten. The cat was also born polydactyl; this means that he had more toes than any other normal cats. We all know that Bub was adapted by the musician Mike Bridavsky in the year 2011, and Mike shared in his tribute to her the first and the final pictures that he took together.

Mike confirmed in a source that he was totally transparent about Bub’s health, and there was no secret that he was battling a very aggressive bone infection. Mike knew that the nature of ailment and treatment was ongoing; he never expected that Bub would pass away so soon or so abruptly without even a sign of a warning.

Now she is in a better place Mike will always remember him not only Mike we all, but Bub’s fans will also always remember him in our hearts and our thoughts whenever we see such kind of cats.