Let’s Learn About Twitter for Businesses


Twitter is one of the top social media platforms and it does not come as a surprise that, as one of the most popular social networking worldwide, it has more than 1 billion accounts created and more than 350 million monthly active users.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking service for real-time communication. Users can post and interact with messages or tweets and followers can communicate with them by replying to a tweet or “retweeting” the post with their followers. Twitter is a unique platform in that, the real-time that it embraces is what makes it so special.

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Should all businesses use Twitter?

Every business should use not only Twitter but also Facebook and Instagram because they work better together. However, and people could see this as a con, because of the algorithm, Twitter would not show the tweets in chronological order, so you will have to make sure that your business posts quality content instead of quantity content, giving your audience something of value.

Setting up an account

When creating an account, you can go to its website Twitter.com on your computer or download the app in the App Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android. All you need is a valid email address or a phone number, which would allow you to validate the account, and a password.

If you decide you do not want to register with your own phone number, you can always use Non-VoIP numbers. Want to know how to bypass Twitter phone verification? Non-VoIP numbers are real phone numbers that are not attached to a physical location, making it the perfect way to bypass the account verification process.

After you sign up

Make sure that you put your logo on your Twitter account as your symbol, and have a consistent handle, preferably the name of your business on every platform, such as Facebook and Instagram, not only on Twitter.

You should definitely start following like-minded users, which could only help you to get in front of their followers, giving you an organic presence. And also, you should engage with other users on Twitter, retweeting something that makes sense to your business and can also be of value to your followers.

The beauty of hashtags

Hashtags are an amazing way to get more exposure, plus, they are free to use and can help someone who has never heard of your business; for example, including a hashtag in your captions can make someone that is searching in the same area or just searching the hashtag, discover your brand.

You can also get localized with hashtags; if someone – like a tourist visiting a city – is searching for a specific topic, such as a thrifting store or a coffee place near them, hashtags can influence their buying decision. Imagine, consumers are searching hashtags, looking for a service or a product, and you have those hashtags on your posts, the possibilities of your business being found grow.

Also, it is important that you join in on the conversation with the hashtags that are relevant to your business, because Twitter is all about talking to people and being social- it is not called social media for no reason. Plus, it is a two-way street and this will make your presence that more powerful because you are not only talking to your customers – not anymore – you have an opportunity to engage with them.

Is there a way to track your account activity?

There is a way to check if all the work you are doing is working. Twitter has an account dashboard where you can see at what time of day people are looking at your Tweets, which is amazing and so informative.

Another informative tip that would help you with your strategy is checking your top Tweet, the Tweet that got the most engagement, like a ton of retweets from users. However, there are two types of retweets, there is retweet and a quote tweet, which can be way more beneficial to your business and can let you explain why that tweet is relevant to you.

Finally, let’s talk about scheduling

You do not have to spend all day on social media, you do have a business to run after all; for one thing, some teams can take over your social media and run it for you, but if you decide that this is something you want to do on your own, there are some great tips for you.

For example, a content calendar. So, get a calendar and plan out in advance what you want to tweet, so you do not miss random holidays that make sense to your business.

Another amazing tool is TweetDeck, which is a great tool that will let you schedule out your own tweets, this way, you are saving a lot of time and you do not have to post everyday, just make sure that you are tweeting at the most optimal time for your customers.

Improve your business with one of the most effective social media!