Legislators push for Harsher punishments for Fentanyl and Heroin traffickers in Michigan in New Bill

Prosecutors in Jackson County, Michigan, Representative Sarah Lightner of Michigan, and two families in the area who have suffered the tragic loss of a child to an opioid overdose all voice their support for harsher punishments for certain drug traffickers.

Judges should be given “better tools” to punish drug dealers who kill users by laced drugs with fentanyl, according to grieving families.

The purpose of House Bills 5124, 5125, and 5126 is to provide for harsher punishments for offenders found guilty of narcotics production or distribution, particularly of fentanyl and heroin.

The categorization level of a felony is considered when sentencing a guilty offender. The purpose of the bill is to make it a more serious crime to deal with heroin, fentanyl, or carfentanil, which are all powerful drugs. Producers and sellers of illicit drugs will likely face harsher prison terms under a higher categorization.

Lightner, a Republican from Springport, declared, “Dealers who intentionally cut fentanyl into other drugs and put it out there in our communities are murderers.” They are fully aware of the repercussions of their behavior, but they persist in doing it solely for financial gain. Upon being apprehended, they will be slapped on the hand. To make these wrongdoers think twice about their actions, we must be severe about the sanctions.

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The goal of the strategy is to make it possible for offenders found guilty of drug production or distribution, such as heroin and fentanyl, to get harsher terms.

The categorization level of a felony is considered when sentencing a guilty offender. Heroin, fentanyl, or carfentanil manufacturing or delivery would be subject to a more severe criminal classification under the proposed legislation. The possibility of harsher prison terms would rise with a higher classification.

Christopher Risner, according to Julie Risner, died of an overdose in 2018 after ingesting heroin mixed with fentanyl. Eleven years in prison was the dealer’s subsequent sentence.

“This man only got 11 years for murdering our son,” Risner added. We need new sentencing guidelines. It is imperative that you provide the judges with refined instruments.

Mike Hirst established Andy’s Angels, a charity that aids individuals battling addiction, after his son Andy passed away. Heroin and fentanyl traffickers should face stiffer punishments, according to him.

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“We have the opportunity to do something about this problem—and it’s destroying the moral fiber of our country right now,” Hirst remarked. “On this matter, we will not budge.”

According to Jarzynka, fentanyl is causing deaths in areas outside of Jackson County as well.

As a prosecutor, Jarzynka expressed her frustration with the lack of action despite the apparent link between this substance and the death and destruction it causes.

There has been no movement on House Bills 5124-5126 in the House Criminal Justice Committee.