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Legacies Recap: Everything about Legacies Season 1 and 2 which you may know but not remember(Flashback)

Everything you should know about Legacies season one and two, Release date, characters, storyline and a brief explanation!

As we saw in The Vampire diaries and The Originals we know how Niklaus Mikaelson, Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Elena, Elijah, Alaric Saltzman, Bonnie, Rebekkah, Hayley and 100s of more characters lived their lives in Mystic falls, but now most of them are shown dead and a few of them are not even a part anymore,

So who is there in Legacies?

As we saw in The Originals, about how Hope Mikaelson, Lizzie and Josie Saltzman were born (after fighting wars to keep them alive). So this story is of the next generation of supernatural beings and that is Klaus Mikaelson’s daughter, 17-year-old Hope Mikaelson; Alaric Saltzman’s twins,, Lizzie and Josie Saltzman for whom Alaric Saltzman made the Salvatore school for young and gifted (donated by none other than Salvatore brothers) and it also includes other mystical kids who wants to get rid of their worst impulses and use good of their extra-magical talents.


Legacies season 1 recap

The first season of legacies, started on October 25, 2018 and the last episode was aired on March 28, 2019 at Amazon prime

Let us see what these young witches, vampires, werewolves and a tribid become­­

legacies recap

So the first episode starts with the view of Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, where we witness the most powerful Hope Mikaelson who is the only Tribid, Alaric’s twins Lizzie and Josie who are siphon witches, high-energy vampire MG, newly-triggered werewolf Rafael and his brother like friend Landon who at first turns out to be a natural human being but when hope compels him to forget he doesn’t and instead steals a mystical artifact and runs from the school and we also see in the end that Landon Kirby has blown an entire bus full of people with the stolen artifact which makes the search even more extensive.

In the following episode we see that Hope is feeling hurt as Landon has lied to her, just when she started having feelings for him. We also see a football match which the stallions willingly lose so as to not reveal their reality to the outer world. Still the angry twins and MG use their powers in the game. Rafael, Hope and Alaric go in search for Landon and that knife that is when they face a Pyromancer (a fire-breathing witch) who is behind the knife.

Major Stranger Things Monsters Our Heroes Dealt With, and a pyromancer would be a piece of cake for them. And as I told you earlier Hope Mikaelson is powerful, she kills the pyromancer and saves the knife with black magic which was against the rules and so Alaric gets angry at her. So in order to punish Hope, MG, Lizzie and Josie, Alaric gives them a punishment to do community service in Mystic falls.

Legacies Recap

Meanwhile, Landon and Rafael’s tries to live a simple life and in order to make money Rafael performs stunt on the roads which leads them to danger, meanwhile the school is attacked by a Gargoyle and Josie, Lizzie fights it together blowing it into pieces and then Alaric announces about the danger to his students in order for them to stay safe.

In the next episode we see that two local students go missing, so in order to investigate Alaric sends Hope, Lizzie, MG and Landon to Mystic Falls High, meanwhile Josie helps Rafael to adjust in the new environment but being a part of werewolf pack is not easy so he faces difficulties. Then the body of the one missing student is found with a vampire bite and they all find a new suspect, Kaleb who just feeds on humans without killing them. But then they find Dana another missing student who dies mysteriously and they get to know that it’s a big spider and as usual they fought it off.

The students get alarmed when Alaric announces to make an honor council with one vampire, one werewolf, one witch and a tribid (Hope). In order to find out what Landon really is Hope does a dozen of magical tests on him. Meanwhile, Alaric and Dorian meet with another creature in order to find out where they are coming from. And in the end of the episode we see that the first decision of honor council was to let Landon go out of the school.

As Lizzie and Josie prepares for their 16th birthday. Alaric gets busy with another creature, not any creature it is Josette (the wife of Alaric who died 16 years ago). MG who loves Lizzie tries impressing her on her big day, while Josie gets in trouble with her Zombie mom.

Legacies Recap

Later Hope starts the research and finds about another creature arriving to the school and things take an unexpected turn and hope has to face few of her fears which she was scared of and meanwhile Alaric and MG helps Rafael in coping up after his history comes back to haunt him. After finding out about the trouble Landon is in, Hope and Alaric leaves the school to find him and on the way they find some eye-popping information about Landon’s history. The suspense and the story for this episode was so good it literally reminded me that Carnival Row Season 2  that hasn’t released yet, but still is one of the Most Popular TV Shows For College Students.

When things started getting better Alaric announces the exams and while attempting to study Hope, Michael and Rafael gets distracted by the arrival of a new monster who lives off their worst fears. Meanwhile, Hope feels guilty of keeping a secret from Landon.

Lizzie who was staying in Europe with her mother returns back to Mystic falls and meets a monster who could make all her wishes true and what she first thinks of is making Hope Mikaelson disappear forever. When Alaric tries to postpone the Salvatore annual talent show, Lizzie and Josie makes the show happen and meanwhile there is a new monster in the show that has the power to lower the inhibition and fear of a person which leads Alaric to go romantic with Emma, which reminds me or more makes me restless to watch Lucifer Season 6, as the love story of a cop and a person in it is worth a watch.

legacies recap

In the next episode we see how Alaric, Josie, Lizzie, Kaleb and Dorian start the search for the missing urn, before the next Malivore creature attacks them. Meanwhile Lizzie starts taking revenge from Hope for ruining her spring break of last year. And finally the entire Team Supernatural groups back together for hiding their identities when a town-wide quarantine hits them. A sudden quick trip to visit MG’s parents goes wrong with him and Landon missing and lead Rafael to the school with no memory of what has happened to any of them, Hope, Alaric and Kaleb leaves for the search of them to find out what has happened before it gets too late.

In the following episode we see how excited Lizzie is for the Salvatore School’s Miss Mystic Falls pageant as her mother Caroline has won one of them in her high school. And we see how the magic of hope goes wrong and how she deals with it. Meanwhile, Hope’s old friend Roman arrives leading to a little bit of jealousy in Landon’s mind. And on the other hand MG feels sad and struggles with the course of his recent actions; While Josie’s decides to kills her desire for the Miss Mystic Falls because Lizzie wants it so badly.

When the reaction of Hope’s actions makes her distance from Landon she goes to Lizzie for help and asks her to make things the way they were. Meanwhile Landon Kirby learns about his past and about what he was, Also Josie uncovers the truth about the secret Alaric has been hiding from them.

legacies recap

In the last episode “There is always a Loophole”, we see how Triad Industry soldiers invade the school for a particular artifact after disabling their magic and one of the soldier shoots Josie with the bullet made of Malivore mud for which Hope suggested Alaric to give her a vial of her blood as a remedy and that helped save Josie’s life and then when the magic was back the students defeated all the soldiers with their magic, meanwhile we see how Landon fights with the headless monster alone until Hope comes for the rescue and kills the monster, but unfortunately the biological brother of Landon puts the final artifact in the mud pit in order to raise Malivore, and there is only one way to stop him and that is Hope jumping into the pit which she does, making every one she knows, forget about who she is and all the memories she had with them and that’s the terrifying end of the season 1, sad I know but that’s not the end right?

Excited about season 2’s story? Check it out below!

Legacies Season 2 recap:-

The second season of Legacies started on October 10, 2019 and the last episode was aired on March 26, 2020, which is exactly one year after the release of first season.

legacies recap

To all the viewers who saw the season 1 of legacies you might remember the end of it in which we saw how Hope jumped into Malivore to stop Malivore from rising, and if you haven’t seen or remember it check the recap of Legacies season one above!!

So let me share with you all about what happens in season 2:-

In the start we saw how Hope finds out a way to get back to Mystic falls. And as we saw in the last season, Alaric gave a speech and asked the honor council to take the decision of whether or not he will remain the headmaster of the school and sadly he was voted out. Feeling bad about the dismissal and confused about the night when the Malivore was destroyed, he starts looking into it. Meanwhile students leave for summer vacation to their families and Landon and Rafael stays behind, MG leaves with Kaleb to spend time with Kaleb’s family as his family doesn’t accept him. While Lizzie spends time with Caroline in Europe, Josie searches for answer about the ascendant that Alaric was hiding from them.

In the following episode we see how being alone Hope feels that she should start a new life, but rather she collides with her past. Meanwhile on the first day of school Landon becomes the all famous guy who killed Malivore. As MG has feelings for Lizzie, he tries to tell her about it but a new vampire interrupts his plans. Also we see how after leaving the Salvatore school Alaric joins Mystic high falls as a history teacher; meanwhile the Salvatore kids meet their new professor named Vardemus.

legacies recap

Next you see how Salvatore school prepares for a football match against Mystic falls high, meanwhile a new monster sets an eye on one of the students. And we see how Josie and Landon face problems in their relationship.

We also see how Alaric and Vardemus get into a quarrel as Vardemus allows students to use their magic to win the match. Next we see how a samurai shows up in Mystic falls with the intention of killing a demon, Josie helps him in killing the demon in order to save her friends. When Landon and Rafael heads to Mystic falls in order to find out about Hope, MG discovers all about Lizzie’s new friend Sebastian. In the end of the episode we see Alaric falling in love with the town’s new sheriff but a demon attack makes him think about his priorities again.

In the next episode ewe see how Salvatore school students are excited about a 80s themed decade dance party, where Lizzie and Hope are stuck inside a recurring game with a monster behind their backs. Meanwhile MG asks for Kaleb’s suggestion regarding Sebastian, while the struggle doesn’t end for Rafael back at school.

Then we see how a truth-seeking monster attacks the Mystic falls and meanwhile Hope and Lizzie fear about the revelation of secrets they’ve been keeping from others. And we also see how Kaleb, Kym and MG try to find ways to take down this latest monster.

Just when Hope decides to leave the town she is stopped by Josie for a risky plan, she had to close the Malivore portal. Meanwhile, Alaric and Dorian find the truth about professor Vardemus. Hope then takes down a Christmas monster that was infiltrating the Salvatore school by using their holiday excitement. Meanwhile after research Landon surprises Rafael with the news about his parents.

legacies recap

Back and ready to create damage, Necromancer plans to take revenge from Malivore but breaks his heart after realizing that he is powerless. Hope helps Josie to find more about the Mora miserium in order to mend fences. Elsewhere Landon and Alaric try to find if Sebastian is a threat to Lizzie or school.

Then we see the Salvatore school witches celebrating the coven day and a new monster targets Alyssa chang and others by creating chaos among the covens. Meanwhile Alaric, Lizzie and Josie try to find a way to protect Josie from the dark magic brewing inside the Mora miserium. Landon asks Hope for training when he feels powerless and we see Alyssa sending Saltzman and the twins to the prison world.


In the 11th episode we see a cupid spreading love in the town, and we see how they try to take information from Alyssa about the ascendant in order to bring Saltzman’s back. And how Pothos, an heart eating monster hurts everyone and gets killed by Landon.

In the next episode we see how Saltzman’s face difficulties in the prison world, mainly Kai. Then we see how Josie is possessed by her dark side and Kai goes into the Malivore portal and reaches the real world with the help of the Necromancer. We see Kai trying to hurt people and in attempt to kill Landon but instead hurt Dorian. In the next episode we see MG, Rafael, Josie, Lizzie and Hope where they enter a game world, don’t get excited it’s not Game of Thrones obviously, it is a game for a psychological therapy in which they try to solve a murder. In the end Dorian and Emma leave the school as they wanted a peaceful life.


In the next episode we see how Josie is affected again by the black magic and hope trying to find a way to help, meanwhile Rafael struggles to understand about the flashbacks he has every night. And Dark Josie announces about the merge with Lizzie in which the one who losses dies,

In the last episode we see how Hope had a plan B which saved Lizzie from dying and getting help from MG, Hope went into the subconscious of Josie to help her take the dark side out of her body and she is successful in doing so and in the end we see how landon and hope doesn’t wake up, making us tensed in what will happen next and will landon be gone forever?


To answer your questions the season 3 of legacies has already started the telecast on Amazon prime and there is also the review of Legacies Season 3 Episode 7 and Legacies Season 3 Episode 11, but for a complete review of season 3 you will have to wait till the last episode, until then check Fate:The Winx Saga Season 2 

Let me know in the comments section below if your questions are answered and if you like the article, you may also ask queries if you have any! Thank you!!

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