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Leaked Titan Images reveal Robin became Night wing in Season 1

Titans fan received a shocking piece of a surprise after a leaked image from Titans first season 1 finale revealed Nightwing in his super suit, proving the character was supposed to be unveiled a long time ago. Viewers were introduced to Nightwing in the Titans Season 3 finale. Meaning fans who have been waiting for his arrival will have to wait even longer to see what to the hotly-anticipated character when.

Titans third season.


Even though Dick Grayson’s transformation into Nightwing has been teased since the very beginning of Titans, it wasn’t until the recent Season 2 finale the hero finally appeared and did battle with the show’s longtime villain, Deathstroke. Spotting a ripped outfit from the DC comic book and equipped with his Escrima staves completed with built-in tasers.


The delay in Nightwing’s appearance in Titans has culminated frustration after one of Grayson’s cellmates in his South American prison told him the legend of a hero who “lives between the moon and the stars, and in the time of greatest need he flies down and saves you.”

After this, fans have even more proof that Titans have teased Nightwing for so long because the show initially planned to reveal him much earlier, namely at the end of the show’s first season.

The leaked image was posted on Facebook which shows the original Titans season one heroes all standing together facing something off-screen, complete with Dick Grayson in all his Nightwing glory. This shot of the fully-assembled Titans team also features Starfire’s costume and the original version of Raven’s forehead jewel.

Even the casual fans of Titans know that DC ditched the original season 1 finale, causing the previous episode to become the finale and the planned finale itself instead to be re-cut and re-shot so it could become the Titans season 2 premiere.

This led to an absolute discontinuity between the two seasons and as the show went on Titans continued to create several plot points, many of them related to Dick Grayson’s character and past.
With the season 2 of Titans concluding, Fans have been assured of a third coming eventually. What’s highly awaited is how DC deals with all the mixed expectations that have originated from Season 1 and 2.

Many fans wished to see Dick Grayson fully embody the Nightwing role long before now while others feel as if Titans has been spinning its wheel’s as of late. But one definitive thing is that the show needs a more overarched vision if it’s going to survive longer.

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