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League of Legends ELO is Worth More than the Average Smartphone Device

League of Legends ELO is Worth More than the Average Smartphone Device

Over the years, League of Legends has become such a huge game that it created many sub-business models. The leading business model of League of Legends would probably be the tournaments. Every year, minor or major organizations establish many tournaments, and thanks to another little sector in LoL, -selling in-game items and skins- these tournaments are able to raise millions of dollars.

For players and team organizations, this is a huge incentive so many of them try to become the best of the game and claim the tournament prizes. The successful and talented ones become professional players, but even if you are not a pro player but have a slightly below the skill level, there exists even a business model for you which can be very profitable: ELO boosting.


What is ELO Boosting in League of Legends?

Basically, ELO boosting in League of Legends is playing on someone else’s account and ranking it up by winning the majority of the games. This can be easily done if the account that you are going to play is in a lower-skilled tier level.

It is because your opponents will also have lower skills than you, so you will be able to outplay them very easily. So if you have a high ELO in LoL which is much above the average, you can find people who are struggling to rank up their accounts and help them to boost their accounts. This way, you can earn money while playing League of Legends and your client would be happy to finally get his or her account ranked up.

Is ELO Boosting Profitable?

Whether you are a pro player or not, ELO boosting in League of Legends would definitely be profitable for you. This is because there are not many skilled players who are willing to spend their time for ELO boosting. And in the same time, there are thousands of amateur players who have the frustration of not being able to advance on the ranking tiers for a long time.

As you may know from being a good player, getting stuck in a specific rank and constantly winning-losing games can be a terrible feeling. So that is why there are many players who are willing to pay decent prices for a booster’s time and effort. Also there are a lot of big companies that provide this service, for example, which is really known for their quality. The fact that companies are participating in the market shows that there is a real demand and a lot of money to be made.

How is ELO Boosting in LoL so Profitable?

As we have stated earlier, there are many players who are willing to pay good prices for someone to boost their accounts. In other words, the demand for ELO boosting is very high while on the supply side there are not so many pro players who are qualified and willing to boost. That is why ELO Boosting in LoL is very profitable for ELO boosters.

If we go into the details we will see that these good profitable prices are actually not too high. Because if we consider what an ELO booster in LoL -regardless of how professional he or she is- goes through, we would understand the prices of ELO boosting are not very high. Firstly, let’s suppose that you are an ELO booster. Even if you are a very highly skilled or a pro player, to boost an account in League of Legends, you almost always have to win.

And keep in mind that LoL is essentially a team game, so if there comes a player to your game who constantly trolls and tries to throw away the game your job becomes ten times more difficult. Or similarly, Riot Games cannot establish a good balance of the games in LoL. So your teammates can play very badly while your opponents play super well. Or again, some annoying teammate can ruin your game by trying to pick your role or champion and abusing you via communication. All these are the reality of League of Legends, and they can be very frustrating if you are boosting an account.

This is why ELO boosting in League of Legends can be very hard and stressful. So we can say that the prices that ELO boosters get are actually not that high and they seem to be fair when we think about what they go through.

How is League of Legends ELO Worth More than an Average Smartphone Device?

It can be a bit surprising, but high ELO accounts or boosting to high ELOs is worth more than an average smartphone device. Let’s talk in dollars and go into numbers. According to Statia, the average smartphone selling price is 317 US dollars in 2021. Now if we think about it for a moment we would realize that usually, only one boost price does not really exceed this number.

However, if you make ELO boosting a job, you would most likely get much and much more than 321 US dollars. At least on a weekly basis. Surely, there will be many factors that would change your income and your weekly income would fluctuate. But on average, it will be more than the average smartphone device. So we can say that ELO boosting is worth more than an average smartphone device. That is a decent income!

Another perspective to compare prices would be to look into what the accounts are worth. If you are a booster or planning to become one, then you should also note that you can boost a brand new account (that can be hard since there is a level requirement to play ranked games) or accounts that are no longer in use. If you get them to a certain rank, you can directly sell these accounts.

Moreover, if you have boosted to high-rank tiers, you would get a very decent amount of cash. There is of course no standard price since you have to find a player and agree with him. But we can say that even some of the low-rank tier accounts sometimes get sold for 350, which is more than an average smartphone device! And do not forget, if you bargain well, you can even make a better profit in this method.

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