Latest Netflix Original Comedy show, “The Wrong Missy” serving as a Dream Project for Laura Lapkus.


The famous actress, Laura Lapkus, has been on board of many successful Hollywood projects such as Orange Is the New Black and the beloved comedy show The Big Bang Theory.

Here she comes with a new Netflix Original comedy show, “The Wrong Missy”, hitting the screens with her in the lead role starring opposite to David Spade.


It is found that Laura Lapkus is a big fan of David Spade even before signing up for the project. She said in an interview that, “I truly have loved him forever. I think he’s one of the funniest people ever, so it was a dream come true to get to perform with him”.

The actress also discussed a few of her experiences from the sets of the comedy show with her fellow actress Nicole Byer also known as Newcomers.

They both sat and watched the legendary movie “Star Wars” together for the first time. They both loved it to the core and found the movie life-changing.

Lapkus was also asked about the role, on whether she was willing to take up the role?

She seemed very enthusiastic about the role as this was the Dream Role of her career. She has been pursuing Comedy for 15 years of her life and this kind of role was the one she was expecting since the start of her career.

Despite the series of multiple roles, she has done this one serves to be the best and it is like dream come true to work with David Spade and have a comedy role after all.