Last 900,000 in cash bonus Golden State Stimulus Checks Will Be Dispatched Before New Year’s Eve – Find Out If You’re Eligible for $1,100

Cash Bonus Last 900,000 Golden State Stimulus Checks to Be Issued Before New Year’s Eve – See if You’re Eligible for $1,100

THE last round of Golden State Stimulus II checks is set to be delivered in the coming weeks.

Before New Year’s Eve, 900,000 cheques valued up to $1,100 are likely to be distributed.


According to the state of California, around 9 million individuals are entitled to receive the payments.

The most recent set of payments started on December 10 and totaled almost $575 million.

In this round, over 803,000 total payments were or will be made, including around 9,000 direct transfers for $6.1 million and 794,000 paper checks worth more than $568 million.

According to a spokeswoman for the California Franchise Tax Board, the state has given or announced 8.1 million Golden State Stimulus II payments totaling $5.8 billion.

The stimulus payments started in October and will last through the beginning of January.

There is just one round remaining to be released since payments have been paid out per zip code.

Residents with zip codes ending in 928-999 may expect to get their payouts between December 27 and January 11, 2022.

Who may take advantage of the Golden State Stimulus II?
The second round of Golden State Stimulus payments is different from the first round, which was released earlier this year.

Golden State Stimulus I payments were formerly only available to people who filed 2020 taxes, were a CalEITC beneficiary or ITIN filer income less than $75,000, and satisfied some of the other requirements outlined above.

Those stimulus payments were worth $600 or$1,200, depending on the amount.

Residents of California are eligible for the most recent round of funding if they:

  • By October 15, 2021, you must have submitted your 2020 taxes.
  • For the 2020 tax year, had a California Adjusted Gross Income (CA AGI) of $1 to $75,000
  • The 2020 tax year, had salaries ranging from $0 to $75,000
  • Have lived in California for more than half of the tax year 2020?

Have lived in California on the day the payment is made

Were you not claimed by another taxpayer as a dependent?

The Golden State Stimulus payments, according to the California Franchise Tax Board website, are intended to help low-income California citizens, particularly those who are suffering as a result of the Covid epidemic.

Residents can also use the website’s tool to estimate the amount of their stimulus check.

If you think you qualify but haven’t received a check, we’ll tell you what you need to do now to get your money.

We also go over who might be getting a surprise stimulus check before the holidays.

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