LA’s Finest Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast And Much More


If you are someone who is obsessed over Netflix then the Top 10’s best list is something that you keep checking on. Personally, anytime I open Netflix, I check the list. It’s just the general curiosity that comes to my mind to see who’s getting into the Top list. I am pretty sure that many people share the same feelings just like me. LA’s Finest has been getting a lot of recognition from the people after getting into the Top category. Anyone who uses Netflix on a daily basis can identify the show by just seeing the cover. Something similar happened to me a month ago after the series released its second season. As I watched the show, I felt the inner desire to construct the thoughts for its upcoming season. LA’s Finest Season 3 is getting more asked questions among the fans, including me. 

LA’s Finest is actually a spin-off of the “Bad Boys” series which centers around  Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba and their job as Los Angeles Police Department officers. Breaking the stereotype of casting “Men in the lead role” in action movies. Here are two women who amazingly create the best platform for the drama series. The audience provoked the thoughts of this amazing casting and loved everything about the show. Just after releasing two seasons, the audience and the critics came out with positive feedback. 


It was not that late when the creators realized the growth of the series, it’s been a while since the show makers have been getting the request for the third season. Fans are nowhere afraid to demand the renewal of their favorite action series. So, what do the officials have to say? Will there be any third season for LA’s Finest? When is it going to be released? If you are someone who is thinking about such questions then it’s time to find the answers. Read this article till the end to find everything about LA’s Finest Season 3 in detail. 

LA’s Finest: What is it About?

LA’s Finest Season 3 news

LA’s Finest is an American Comedy show that follows two women as the main lead. Following the life of two Police officers named, Sydney “Syd” Burnett and  Detective Nancy McKenna. The series follows the criminal action genre which gets a lot of recognition from the people.

Starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba as the main lead, the series is actually a spin-off of the Bad Boy Franchise that is created by George Gallo. The series was officially released on 13 May 2019. After the release of the first part, the fans got to know about the series. The internet created hype and this led to the popularity of the drama worldwide. Soon, the show was among the top 10 Netflix series and it has acquired the position for a while. 

Personally, LA’s Finest is something to watch, the series is amazingly created and well-performed by the cast. No matter how much we love action and comedy together, they will never team up enough for us.

Both the leads have played their tough and showed how things are played. I must appreciate the cast over and over because either aggressions and performance have actively supported their character’s in the series. 

After the massive success, the creators released another season which is again inspired by the story and follows it all the way. The second season was released in 2020 and after that things were blended.

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LA’s Finest Season 3: Confirmed or Not?

LA’s Finest Season 3 updates

The second season was finalized in 2020 and after that, there was nothing announced by the officials. The officials have never revealed anything regarding the show. The third installment of the series is not confirmed and not even canceled. It is quite a difficult situation for the fans who have kept themselves waiting for the release. 

Anyone who has watched the second season of the series can obviously conclude that there is more to add. For crime series, the content never gets enough. So, if the creators are really looking forward to producing more seasons, there is no need to worry about the story. Personally, criminal shows often create much suspense inside the head of the viewers. 

The show is loved by tons of viewers and has received thousands of viewers throughout the two seasons. However, this isn’t enough for the creators to release its successive seasons. The third season is possibly going to happen. There is enough evidence for the series to happen. 

Anyone who believes in the third season, we believe that LA’s Finest Season 3 is unlikely to happen soon. The third installment is not yet announced by the officials. So far, is it a wise decision to assume that the third season is going to happen in the near future? 

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LA’s Finest Season 3: When is it going to be released?

LA’s Finest Season 3

There is no release date confirmed for LA’s Finest Season 3. So far, the officials have not yet revealed any official statement. There are no updates regarding the possible release date. 

If anything comes up, we’ll make sure to let you know. Still, we are estimating that the show is likely to happen in 2022 or 2023. There is no possible way to get a release date this year. But we also conclude that if everything goes fine, we may think that the third season will happen in the near future.

There are no possible dates for now. If Netflix wants, they will make sure to get a release date. Just like how the other shows of Netflix get renewed by Netflix itself, we believe that things will get fine with that too.  

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LA’s Finest Season 3: Who will be Back?

The third season will possibly bring back all the main leads from the series. As you come forward to the show, you’ll see how the cast has achieved great performances which don’t look clingy at all. I love how Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba made their personality twists from funny to aggressive in seconds. 

If there will be a third installment of the show, it’ll probably be going to bring back these two characters in the frame. For now, we are highly anticipating these two to get back in the show.

  • Gabrielle Union as Special Agent/Detective Lieutenant Sydney “Syd” Burnett
  • Jessica Alba as Detective Nancy McKenna,
  • Duane Martin as Ben Baines
  • Zach Gilford as Ben Walker
  • Ryan McPartlin as Patrick McKenna
  • Sophie Reynolds as Isabel “Izzy” McKenna
  • Ernie Hudson as Joseph Vaughn

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