Lamborghini Sian (23 inch) for 380$ – Here is the Detail How to Grab the Deal

After Rolls Royce, Lamborghini Sian is the second car to be downsized to its smaller version. Lamborghini’s Sian is the first hybrid launched by the company.

Lego and Lamborghini’s collaboration for the model Sian is a 3696 piece model which is realistic as the original Lamborghini. This model measures 23 inches in length and 5-inch height with a 9-inch width.

Lamborghini Sian (23 inch) for 380$

Lamborghini Sian (23 inch) for 380$

The door opens in the model to the cockpit with a steering wheel that steers the front two wheels. The best part is the shift paddles which are connected to the eight-speed sequential box.

The front part open to a Lamborghini branded bag with a unique serial number and some special content. The v12 engine is downsized to fit into the mini Lambo, with clips and movable suspension. This will be a treat for lego and car lovers.
This beast will be available on Sian’s website from June 1 and is officially priced at 380$.

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