La Revolution: Netflix Release Date, Cast Info & What We Know So Far


La Revolution is a Netflix original drama that revolves around the French revolution. This is a unique new series that is most looked for by the people as it will bring us the delight of watching a period drama with a pinch of horror in it.

Netflix has described the show as “the re-imagined history of France” which gives the history vibes from this series. Watching this series would be a delight for history lovers.


La revolution is releasing on October 16, 2020, as per the latest trailer dropped by Netflix a week ago and it will be streaming globally. So be ready to get the chills down your spine and witness the greatest bloodshed of the season.

The Cast Of La Revolution

La Revolution Netflix Release Date, Cast Info & What We Know So Far

The cast of La Revolution will include:

  • Amir El Kacem
  • Marilou Aussilloux
  • Lionel Erdogan
  • Isabel Aime Gonzalez Sola
  • Julien Frison
  • Doudou Masta
  • Dimtri Storoge
  • Amelia Lacquemant
  • Coline Beal
  • Laurent Lucas
  • Gaia Weiss
  • Chiara Tantimonaco
  • Nina Tantimonaco
  • Pierre Andrau
  • Philippine Martinot
  • Jeremie Covillault

Plot Of The Show

La Revolution is a horror-drama based on the history of France. The series will showcase the upheaval caused due to the French revolution between 1789 and 1799. We will also see a lot of blood and violence. It will be really exciting to watch it.

The Series will be seen through the eyes of Joseph Guillotine. The future inventor of the Guillotine will discover a menacing disease that propels the nobilities to kill the commoners and the blood of the diseased will turn blue.

The trailers of the series gave us the idea of how thrilling the journey of watching La Revolution is going to be. It is all set to be released next month and it will be a nice binge watch amidst the boring lockdown.

So get ready with a bowl of snacks to travel through the history of the greatest revolution that ever took place.