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La Casa De Papel Money Heist Season 4 Releasing on Netflix? Premiere Date and Spoilers




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Money Heist originally aired in Spanish as La Casa De Papel is the most successful sensational thriller series on Netflix. It has got instant success after it’s release. 

All three seasons were well written, plotted and directed. With many edges of seat scenes in the finale of Season three people out, there are desperately waiting out there for season 4.

Are Berlin and Nairobi alive?

There are many interesting logical fan theories about the pregnant lady inspector that she was Berlin’s girlfriend, Tatiana showed in the flashback. As she only knows the plan other than the gang.

In addition to the fact that she is a thief in general So the professor could add her in their heist at Royal Mint. 

We can expect this kind of move from the mastermind, Professor. So if she is Tatiana then her pregnancy must be due to Berlin. 

Which makes it clear that Berlin is alive after all if all the mastermind theories show up to be true. Coming to the season three finale Nairobi got shot, but if we observe the bullet stays in her only. 

So it is a very good chance of making her alive if the police cooperate with the gang and hospitalize her. But with the war to happen the situations are not favorable for his outing. 

But we can expect Professor to turn the tables out and make it’s favorable to them. We have seen it many times in the past.

So from these theories, we can probably see Berlin and Nairobi the upcoming season.

Is Alice the Tatiana, ex-girlfriend Berlin?

When we go through this in deep starting with Alice. Why would a pregnant officer work especially on this heist?

In what way she is all connected to the gang? Now going to flashback Tatiana was the only one other than the gang to know about this heist of Royal Mint in Spain.

She a thief by profession. So why would she assist the police force? Now we can bring the great mind Professor into the picture. 

Just like Raquel eventually joins them as Lisbon we can see the professor can plan her into this heist to assist them. 

And one more fact can be imagined if Alice is Tatiana, as she is pregnant we can imagine that Berlin is alive and we can see him in Season four.

Is Tokyo the only survivor out there?

Our narrator right from season 1 being Tokyo there is a tragic theory that likely she was the only one living out there. 

She is describing the gang and their great heists which occurred in the past. This might happen. 

As Money Heist being the most successful series on Netflix it might be the end of season four. 

But definitely, the end is going to be of this kind one. As all great stories come to a tragic end.

When Season 4 of La Casa De Papel going to be on air?

With a great twist and emotional uncertain ending of a season, fans are a lot waiting for Season 4. 

Now they are counting the days left to witness the ultimate heist once again as the official announcement came. 

Season four is going to be broadcasted on Netflix in English and Spanish languages on April 3. So many fan-made theories will make you think out – of the box.

Is there a season 5?

With fans being addicted to this thriller series, without even season four hitting the Netflix, they are curious about the season 5. 

The director of this season Jesus Colemnar’s statement suggests that there will be a definite season 5. But after seeing season 4 only we can expect if the story needs a season 5 or not.

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