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La Casa De Papel Money Heist Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Thrilling Storyline and Latest Updates

After the unseen cliffhanger ending of Money Heist in last season, fans wait with bated breaths for the release of Season 4. It airs in 2020.

It has been a while since season three aired and so here is a quick recap. What were our Dali-masked goons up to, what was the cliffhanger & what might happen in season four?

Theories, theories everywhere

So what happens? Is Nairobi dead or alive? Folks all around the Internet are already busy theorizing on what the possibilities are. 

Taking into account past seasons of Money Heist, Netflix is not letting in on any kind of clues for the new season. 

All we can do for now is wait for season four to air for our answers.

Theory 1: Nairobi is alive!

According to a popular theory, Nairobi might not be dead. She only loses consciousness but her death is not what we see on screen.

 A Redditor states that she was holding her son’s bear while being shot. Although most of the shots went through the bear, it is also seen that the bullet is still lodged in her body. 

This is a good thing as it would prevent much blood loss.

Every moment counts in this case as Nairobi requires immediate medical attention. What would the team do?

 Will they be able to take her out of the bank and to a hospital?

 Does the professor have some plan we didn’t see coming for this? We get our answers when the new season drops in.

Theory 2: The red-suited goons manage to escape

Another event that is mighty possible in the coming season is the gang successfully escaping the bank by creating chaos.

Raquel is dead according to the Professor. We also know that he is a man of calm. It is possible for him to still run with his regular plan. 

Blowing up the police tank is just the kind of chaos the Professor needs for his team to escape with the loot.

Netflix has stayed vigilant not to give off important plot points through show’s trailers and the mystery remains. One thing is for sure, this season promises an epic plot.



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