The former pair’s daughter Stormi remains their number one priority. The former couple has planned to spend their holiday together with their daughter Stormi, this year. According to some sources, Kylie Jenner has no plans to exclude Scott from special family gatherings now or even in the future.

Kylie Jenner has no room for family drama when it comes to her holidays. According to some source, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul plans to spend time with her ex-husband and their daughter Stormi’s father Travis Scott in the days leading up to their Christmas, but it is said that it is not a romantic reunion.


The two former couple merely wants to ensure that their one-year-old daughter can spend the holiday with both of her parents. They both will spend their holidays with their daughter in Los Angeles.

It is said that they will be doing some good wonderful things together as a family to make it as wonderful as possible for their daughter.

Travis Scott will be at their family party and he will also be attending several other family parties and gatherings as well. they both are very much excited to give Stormi an amazing Christmas.

The former pair broke up in October, the couple has made strides to remain friendly when it comes to co-parenting with their one and only daughter. According to the outlet, Kylie has no plans to shut Travis out of spending time with their daughter and he is often seen invited to their family events.

Whatever their relationship status is now but we know that they will be together in their Christmas with their daughter. They are a family and they have not changed yet they have continued their parenting with their daughter.

Their priority is their daughter this is the reason why they are still in good contact.