She is one of the famous sisters of Kardashian’s family. But one of Kourtney Kardashian’s Christmas present barked this year so you all get ready for some very serious cuteness overload.

Kourtney introduced her very new puppy to the whole world this Thursday and the pup is truly a beauty. It is very hard to tell if the pup she bought is a golden retriever or a Labrador but overall we all can say is that it is so much cute.


But there is only one problem that Kourtney does not know what to name the cute one.

The owner or Kourtney then later on captioned her pictures of the new little puppy with her kids saying that But what should we name her.

Then the owner got some suggestions too for the little one and they were Dollar? Billion? Trillion? Goldilocks. The suggestions seem like all the names are related to cash or income or something.

We do not know yet what she will name the little puppy, but the Christmas present that she bought for herself is very cute and very much adorable. She is getting so much of cute comments from her fans from the social media and on many more platforms.
The puppy is said to be only three months or a little more old and that is very small.

But anyways it somehow looks like the little puppy is getting spoiled. And the way that the little one is getting spoiled is by getting tons of hugs and kisses from the whole family.

But look at the Hermes box next to her in the picture that they have uploaded.

The picture is so much cute and there is a Christmas tree on it and the dog is just doing something there. The picture is so adorable the fans are liking it so much.