Korean Rugal Episode 9 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Storydetail


Rugal is a Korean thriller drama directed by Kang Cheol-Woo. The series relies on a set of the same name by Rilmae. Additionally, Rugal episode 9 is set for the lovers.

All episodes airs about the TV Chanel OCN at Korea in 22:50 KST (Korean Standard Time). Rugal can be streamed on Netflix, globally, after broadcasting in Korea. Eight episodes have been outside and are streaming on Netflix.


The story revolves around detective Kang Ki-Beom, appointed by a team. Kang and his team that was Rugal is set out to take the organization down.

Recap of Episode 8 of Rugal

Rugal Episode 9

Duek-Gu takes revenge because he kidnaps Dr.Oh, director of Rugal. Duek-Gu additionally intended to kill Ye-Won but couldn’t do it.

This episode showed he & Duek-Gu’s psychic side can do anything to seek revenge.

Release Date of Rugal Episode 9


It’s by far the most exciting news for all k-drama fans. Rugal’s episode is outside Netflix. The series airs Sunday & two episodes every Saturday.

The series will broadcast with a total of 16 episodes, until May 17, 2020.

Expected Plot of Episode 9

Rugal Episode 9

Rugal episode 9 will concentrate on will take care of the public blame of murder. Dr.Oh’s kidnapping is going to be the main reason behind the reduction of staff Rugal’s lead produced in the previous episodes.

Rugal has managed to shock the viewers by demonstrating how unkind & violent someone achieves what he needs and to seek revenge.