Some of us might know this guy Kodak Black. But it seems like Kodak Black is not letting a little thing like the prison which he is on bars stop him from giving back his holiday season. The guy is opening up his wallet and he is shelling out for the strangers.

The singer’s attorney named Bradford Cohen, tells some source that Kodak Black is giving thousands and many dollars away from this Christmas to both the charities, religious institutions, and many individual families. Some of the sources told us that the rapper has authorized his camp to buy an allotment of toys for the Paradise Day Care center in the Broadway County. The toys or gifts will be given to the kids from seventy different families in need.


Kodak Black

It is said and it came under notice that the range in age of the children is from two to seven years old. The children will get bikes dolls and many other toys whichever they want to get on the behalf of inmate 18149 at the FCC Miami that is Kodak by the way.

But his attorney says that the rapper is also donating cash and gifts to one specific family he heard about through the Lighthouse For the Blind Organisation which is located in Florida, who has a child that’s blind. The rapper’s is buying Braille gifts, voice-activated games, Ipads, and bedding plus he is giving them mattresses.

The rapper spent around eight thousand dollars overall so far on the gifts and the donations, and it looks like the closer it gets to Christmas, the rapper’s budget is to be moving upwards.

Now some of the sources tell us that the rapper has to watch what he is spending money on.