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Knives Out is a murder mystery which is released in November 29th 2019 with start big big labels like Daniel Craig, Chris Evans and so on this movie was directed by 3 and Johnson and has rating of 7.8 on IMDB and 90% of the population love this movie is filled with a lot of surprises and paste as expected from murder mystery the story revolves around the famous author Harland Trombey who is declared dead.

Upon the death of Harlan, a private investigator portrayed by Daniel Craig is hired to solve his suicide. He finds out that every member of his family is equally guilty of having secret affairs and a part of the huge estate. but only person to be brought his whole murder was his grandson question here is how did he die while that is answer in the fall in the early times of the movie where he was given medicine by his loss after the medicine falls and the medicines she was supposed to give him get switched hence resulting in market giving him an overdose of morphine.

Knives Out

However, Harlan helps Martha escape as the conditions for Martha was not good before the morphine overdose could get him how long slips on the throat to make his death resemble a suicide. however, his death is revealed not to be a suicide and was an accident. many fans think that ransom Harlan’s grandson planned this scenario.

Does the question remain the same as who killed Harlan? and why?. the answer is that Ransom did want to kill his grandfather then decides to switch the medicines. He planned that Martha should give him the medicine. he planned to swap the labels of the medicines on the night of his death. what is a portable fan of the housekeeper?

So he decided to leave the bag alone but he did not the product that the vowels of medicine would get exchanged and Martha to give her learn the wrong medicine and finally he did not the law that Harland kills himself to keep Martha out of trouble hence making ransoms plan go three ways.

The movie about from its dark murder plot has a positive outlook Mata is not guilty of killing Harlan and ransom is put behind bars.

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