Kipo and the Age Of Wonderbeasts Season 4: Is It Renewed?


Kipo and the Age Of Wonderbeasts is probably one of the most loved animated series of 2020. Created by Radford Sechrist and developed by Bill Wolkoff, the series revolves around a girl named Kipo who is in the search for her father in the post apocalyptic world.


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Cast Of Kipo and the Age Of Wonderbeasts

  • Kipo Oak voiced by Karen Fukuhara 
  • Wolf voiced by Sydney Mikayla
  • Benson Mekler voiced by Coy Stewart
  • Dave voiced by Deon Cole
  • Mandu voiced by Dee Bradley Baker 
  • Lio Oak voiced by Sterling K. Brown
  • Hugo “Scarlemagne” Oak voiced by Dan Stevens 
  • Song Oak voiced by Jee Young Han
  • Dr. Emilia voiced by Amy Landecker

How Many Seasons Of Kipo and the Age Of Wonderbeasts Are There?

A total of 3 seasons were released in less than a span of a year. There are 30 episodes in total and the running time for each episode is 22-26 minutes.

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Will There Be A Season 4 Of Kipo and the Age Of Wonderbeasts?

There won’t be a season 4 of the series as it was announced by Netflix that season 3 is the final edition of Kipo and the Age Of Wonderbeasts. The plotline of the show also makes it clear that it was the end of the story.

The series ended within a year with 3 seasons. I am sure the fans wanted more but all we can do is rewatch the previous seasons and enjoy them thoroughly.

What Is Kipo and the Age Of Wonderbeasts About?

The show follows Kipo who in a post-apocalyptic world is trying to find her father. In this world, the animals have mutated and are called mutes. The humans are forced to live underground. Kipo is a young girl who has special abilities due to her mute and human DNA.

She is the main person responsible for developing peace between the two. She believes a world where humans and mutes can co-exist peacefully is the right world. She is determined to make it happen. 

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Where Can You Watch Kipo and the Age Of Wonderbeasts?

The original network for the series is Netflix, hence all the seasons are available on Netflix

Ratings for Kipo and the Age Of Wonderbeasts

The show received a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The fans absolutely loved the show and were eager for more seasons from the creators. The audience loved the characters and the imaginative storyline. 

Although the journey was short, it was worthwhile. Kipo and the Age Of Wonderbeasts did a fantastic job in all aspects of the production, writing etc. Make sure to check the series if you haven’t already!