Kingdom Season 3 Is Jun Ji Hyun’s Character A Zombie Killer Fans Spot A Huge Hint


KINGDOM SEASON 3 may not have officially been commissioned yet but fans of the series are already speculating about what could happen. So, who is the character of Jun Ji Hyun?

Kingdom season two ended on a cliffhanger since Crown Prince Chang (played with Ju Ji-hoon) and Seo-bi (Bae Doona) found themselves looking for the mysterious resurrection plant seller. This led them into a woman along with the Northern Provinces.


Fans believe they know who she is, while her identity has not been disclosed – here is what you need to understand.

Kingdom’s second season culminated in a finale that saw Prince Chang give up his place in line to the throne.

Following the undead attacked the palace and then murdered the Queen (Kim Hye-jun), he decided to name the infant prince king instead of him.

He requested before he made to go in search of answers about the plague, he is marked down as records.

Together with his company Seo-bi, the pair began their searches by asking common folk how they obtained the revival plant.

Kingdom season 3: Who’s the woman?

This led to rumors of a seller distributing the plant, who could have links. Seo-bi and Chang discovered themselves in a mysterious village teeming with the undead, seven years after he abdicated his position on the throne.

Then at the final moments, a character was released in the kind of actor Jun Ji Hyun.

Appearing to viewers only in the final seconds, she did not speak and nothing was revealed about her motives.

Kingdom season 2: What’s known about the disease?

But since the incident aired on Netflix, fans have been speculating over whether she is friend or foe, and who she could be.

Among the greatest theories is she is the plant vendor of spreading the plague in charge.

However, now some fans have spotted some detail which could show she is about the side after all.

This is to do with the elements of her appearance in the last scene of the series.

Firstly, she appears to have a Chinese weapon known as a Dao on her back, which suggests she is a warrior rather than a merchant.