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kingdom Season 2 Creator Wants the Series to Run for 10 Seasons




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MANILA, Philippines — After a successful Season 1 Kingdom is back on Netflix.

As of writing, the season has emerged among Filipinos since the Netflix content — dislodging fellow K-drama Crash Landing You — according to the agency’s brand new feature that enables readers to find out the Top 10 releases in the country of one.

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The STAR combined and stars and a video-conference interview together, and they spoke about what fans of the series can somehow expect — from mysteries to be resolved to characters — at the season.

But if you ask them about global success, they would say it was the least of the expectations once 2019 was first dipped in by the period thriller set at Korea’s Joseon Dynasty.

Writer Kim Eun-hee stated, “I didn’t expect the kind of reaction we had for the preceding season. I tried very difficultly to bring out the most Korean components in the show, which I believe crowds found interesting and enjoyed.”

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Director Kim Seong-hun, who helmed the whole Season 1 and the Season 2 opener, stated, “I expected very much for the type of fascination and love for the show, but I could not possibly have called it.

Crown Prince Lee Chang is accused of treason, and in Kingdom’s Season 1, the deceased king is resurrected and sentenced into the outskirts of this kingdom. There, he starts to investigate what is causing poor communities to turn into the “undead”.

In Season 2, Lee Chang and his crew are determined to return to Hanyang, the capital of Joseon. Apart from the jolt, they also have to manage the Cho Clan that has grown stronger than ever and will do whatever to keep the prince from claiming his rightful place.

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The season brings back celebrities Ju Ji-hoon as crown prince Lee Chang, Ryu Seung-ryong as Chief State Councilor Cho Hak-Ju and Bae Doona as the physician Seo-bi.

If”appetite” was an overarching theme in the pilot period, author Kim Eun-hee reported that she wanted Season 2’s narrative to be anchored on the concept of”blood”. She said, “I wished to tell a story about blood in Season two.

Apart from it being literal blood, I wanted to explore the themes of lineage and bloodline. In the end, I believe the new season will be a story about the two colliding worlds of the undead who want blood and those who desire a specific bloodline and lineage.”

No spoilers Season 2 director Park In-je guaranteed a rollercoaster ride. “To give you an overall concept, Prince Chang, who had been after the results in the amazing herb that became the key to the survival or the fall of the nation, faces a lot of challenges.

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He thinks the way he should approach it and about what the miraculous herb is as well as what he needs to do for his kingdom.’ 1 last key theme for the period is whether or not the kingdom’ will collapse. You may expect a rollercoaster journey throughout the entire year.”

When asked about the difference between operating on Netflix series and a South Korean drama, Kim Eun-hee stated, “First of all when it comes to working with Korean terrestrial broadcasters, we’re never free of the strain of ratings.

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And there’s also the factor of getting immediate and very immediate feedback from the viewers, which occasionally results in needing to make alterations to the script and whatnot.”

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