Kingdom Chapter 647: Expected Release Date, And Other Detail Fans should Know

Kingdom Chapter 647


Kingdom Chapter 647: Update, After Kaku orders, Ei Dono to read the last decree of the king, the guards will think that it is true that the will had been altered by Kakukai. They plan to question the legitimacy of the will in the court by the following day. The Kingdom of Zhao had the hopes that when Ka takes the reins he will bring Zhao back from the abyss but things had changed.

The Release Date Of The Show

The chapter 647 will be releasing on Friday, which is on 10th July 2020. Since the last chapter was delayed and was released on Saturday it may happen to this one. The new chapter of the Kingdom is released on Friday unless they get delayed due to some reasons. This article may contain spoilers so make sure you proceed with caution.

Recap On Kingdom Chapter 646:

The guards and Ka ask Riboku that what they must do about the throne issue when they are still asking about the chaos that broke out. The arrows then started shooting them out of nowhere Kaine in order to protect his highness. We witness that the guards haveKingdom-chapter-647 been wiped out and one of them asks the assassin who had sent them.

On the other hand, Riboku, Kaine, and Ka are fighting their way out to escape from Katana. Meanwhile, at Hi-Shin unit camp they had discovered that the crown is passed to the little brother. Qin and Ousen’s army is in the frontlines. Moten told the others that they better move or things will get messy as it is a war between the two brothers.

In Zhao Kakukai and his assassin has been wiped out who has been on the Ka side. He thinks that only when Ka’s head is brought in front of them the Sen will be crowned the King. Kakau is now the newly appointed guardian to the prince Sen.


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