Killing Eve Season 4: Expected Release Date, And What We Know So Far

While the world has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, the entertainment industry bore the most brunt of it. All the production houses have halted their work. One such series which has suffered from pushbacks and delays is Killing Eve. BBC America’s series was going to launch its fourth installment. But to the utter dismay of fans, Covid-19 had other plans for it. So it seems even the assassin¬†Villanelle can not beat COVID-19.

Are We Ever Getting Killing Eve Season 4?



Well, plans for starting production in August were made earlier. But it looks like they been pushed back indefinitely. We won’t be knowing what Eve Polastri and Villanelle decided on the bridge for quite a long time.

The tension-filled drama Killing Eve has 3 past successful seasons. All of the seasons had eight episodes. Moreover, all of them launched in April. While the creatives had the same timeline in mind, things didn’t turn out well. So, now the fanatics might have to wait till 2021 for a new refreshing season.

Why Killing Eve Season 4 Is Being Delayed?

Well, the obvious reason is Coronavirus. However, the production of the Killing Eve series is pretty different. It takes in various parts of Europe. So, it makes it even more difficult to lock the setting due to uncertainty in the world.

Season 1 was shot mostly in the United Kingdom and Paris. However, Italy, Russia, and other countries of the continent were in the mix. Similarly, the production of Season 2 was majorly done in Italy and a prominent episode was shot in Amsterdam. Season 3 of Killing Eve had a lot of Russia (Romania), Italy, and the U.K. involved.

Killing Eve Season 4 Has Other Issues As Well

This indefinite delay is not happening the first time. Killing Eve Season 4 has witnessed a number of pushbacks until now. Controversy has clouded the show before. Also, this time a tweet by Staff writer, Kayleigh Llewellyn, is the culprit.

On June 12, she posted a tweet with a picture of the writer’s room of Killing Eve. However, the tweet was deleted soon something piqued the interest of the viewers. Apparently all of them were white and it seemed off to the Twitteratis in 2020. Oh told Deadline that Uk is far behind diversity from the world.

Killing eve Season 3 left us with a bunch of questions making next season more intriguing. Let’s wait for Killing Eve Season 4 to provide us with all the answers that we are craving for.

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