Killing Eve: Season 4 and all you need to know


Killing Eve is a popular British spy thriller television series, it is written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and produced by Sid Gentle Films for BBC America.

The plot depicts protagonist Eve’s life as a spy but unfortunately, it is not exactly adding up to what she had expected when she first started. Eve Polastri ( Sandra Oh) is a British Intelligence investigator who has been assigned the task to capture a psychopathic assassin Villanelle( Jodie Comer).


Thus as the case progresses, the two seemed to have developed a mutual obsession.

Killing Eve is based on Villanelle’s novel series by Luke Jennings, henceforth each of the show’s series has featured a different female showrunner.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge was the head writer of season one, while Emerald Fennel took over for season two.

Suzanne Heathcote will serve as the showrunner for season three. Fans were excited to find out that BBC America had renewed It’s acclaimed ” Killing Eve ” for a fourth season, months ahead of its season three premiere this spring.

It has been confirmed that this British drama is all set to return in 2021 with our female protagonist continuing to play their deadly game of cat and mouse.

Killing Eve rose to prominence immediately after it’s release, with an impressive storyline, talented cast, and strong female protagonists, it won every major award and became the highest growing television series in America for six years.

Season 3 will premiere with Suzanne Heathcote taking over from Emerald Fennell as the lead writer.

Moreover, it is highly anticipated that a new female scribe will take charge of a possible season 4.

Woodward Gentle, Lee Morris, Waller-Bridge, Gina Mingacci, Damon Thomas, Jeff Melvin, Heathcote and Oh executively produced season 3.

The show is financed and distributed by Endeavour content.
Moreover, British actress Comer won a BAFTA and an Emmy last year for her performance as Villanelle, while Oh was honored with a Golden Globe for playing Polastri.