Kegan Omega New Chapter 71 Release Date, Some Spoilers And Its Recap


Kegan Ashura is a fan-favorite manga series which is written by the famous Sandrovich Yabako and it is summarised by Doraemon. This show Kegan Omega is the sequel of the Kegan Ashura.

The show is a manga which is based on action, comedy, drama and some good martial arts which come under action. Moreover, this fan-favorite anime series of the very first two-part premiered on July 30, the last year on the online streaming giant, Netflix.


This show started on January 17, 2019, and the show is still ongoing. The show’s entire chapters of the manga are present online one can easily go and have a look at them, and except some, all of them are composed into five volumes.

Cast Of Kegan Omega New Chapter: 71


We have seen all the same characters in all the chapters so there would be nothing new for the upcoming chapter of the show. We will see all the previous characters in the new chapter of the show. There might be some small changes but that is still not made confirmed by the officials of the show till now we have to wait for that for quite some time.

Release Date

The release date of the 71 chapters of the show has not been revealed till now to their fans. But, the maker of the show is very eagerly waiting just like the fans for a good date of the release of the upcoming new chapter.

This much we are pretty sure that however, they do late in their release date the story that they are going to produce will be very interesting to watch. The action scenes and the plot twist in the show or series are just amazingly delivered. One should have a look at the show at least once in their lifetime. Let us hope the best for the upcoming chapter of the show.