Keep These 6 Things In Mind Before Buying Xiaomi Products, Otherwise You Will Regret


In addition to smartphones, the company manufactures several devices such as earphones, smart TVs, smart bulbs.



Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is known as a popular brand in the market. Apart from smartphones in India, the company makes many devices like earphones, smart TVs, smart bulbs. The company sells most of its products online. In the last two years, the company has also improved its offline channels, so that its products can reach the users. Smartphones and devices sold through online flash sales are out of stock in a few seconds. After which the users are forced to buy the company’s smartphones and other products offline or through unauthorized channels.


Recently, the company issued a statement saying that many users are buying counterfeited or counterfeit products through unauthorized channels. The company said in its statement, ‘Counterfeit products are not only a major threat to consumer health and safety but also a big threat to the data security of the consumer. Products may begin to malfunction within a few days of purchase and users may be unaware of those dangers. All customers are strongly advised to buy authorized products from authorized stores of brand and partner outlets and users should be alert and aware before purchasing products.


Along with this, the company has asked users to take care of the below 6 things before buying Xiaomi products.

  • After purchasing any product through offline channels, check the security code of the product by visiting the company’s official website.
  • Apart from this, if the users are buying any item through any offline channels, then also carefully check the quality and packaging of its retail box.
  • To see the original logo of the company on any product.
  • The company’s original fitness bands and wearables will be compatible with the company’s app.
  • The original sign of Li-Poly battery will be given on the battery of the smartphone or other products. If Li-ion is given on the battery of a product, then it is not the original battery of the company.
  • Fake USB cables are light to look at and can break easily.