Keanu Reeves The Matrix 4 Set Video Reveals Iconic Car Chase

Matrix 4

Keanu Reeves Matrix was one of the trademark movies for all the science fiction lovers. The main reason was the way the story was plotted and every single artist has made his or her best to make the character connect to the audience.

Matrix 1 was a massive hit while the second and third installments were not up to the mark. So after a long 17 years, the team is coming up with the fourth movie.

So the fans are hoping something different and expected that the movie will get its first glory

About the video :

A twitter user named Marcus vedette has posted a short shooting video from the sets of Matrix 4. The shows that Carrie-Anne is driving and Keanu Reeves are sitting behind her on the motorcycle. Fans were a lot crazy seeing them together after many years.

Keanu Reeves looked similar to his role John Wick rather than previous matrix versions. Carrie-Anne was not wearing like a signature black leather jacket. 

The rumors of Morpheus coming as the younger version might be true and Carrie-Anne mentoring Keanu Reeves. So the swapping of their roles might happen.

A second video leaked :

Another video captured by the fans is posted online. This time it seems much bigger. As in the video, we can see the explosions here and there.

Though they are controlled explosions this seems that there is pretty much action gearing up for the fans to cover the 17 years gap. 

It is expected that the movie will be taking off from where the third has ended.

Now its time for the third one:

Recently a man posted in his twitter out of curiosity a shoot of Matrix 4. Car sequences have always been a highlight in Matrix. 

Especially in Matrix Reloaded though it was not well received by fans to date the car sequence in it is a highlight. 

So for a change in Matrix 4, people are going to pile up instead of cars. This indeed ensures an awesome car sequence.

A big question mark left :

After knowing that the Matrix 4 is going to star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Carrie Anne, Keanu Reeves, Jonathan Groff, Toby Onwumere, Erendira Ibarra, Neil Patrick Harris, and Jessica Henwick.

Jada Pinkett. Still, there was a big question mark left in the minds of the fans about how Agent Smith and Morpheus are going to influence the fourth installment of Matrix.

A big day for Keanu Reeves :

May 21 of 2021 is going to be a very big day for Keanu Reeves as both his films John Wick 4 and the matrix 4 are going to release on this day. 

So Keanu Reeves look has a lot of things to unfold to find a link with the story. So till then with the latest updates from the shootings, fans will make their level best to know the plot as much as possible.


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