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Keanu Reeves becoming part of MCU as Moon Knight or not?

Keanu Reeves becoming part of MCU as Moon Knight or not? We don’t have waited for any deal announcement much than Marvel & # 39; s Moon Knight and the Disney + series. Well, with no surprises we have to wait for more. Disappointing right? Without switching back, give a read to this article and find out the reason. Keep scrolling.

There is tittle- tattles in the entertainment industry that John wick and Matrix star Keanu Reeves is someone’s most suitable option at Marvel Studios to play the disturbed vigilante Marc Spector aka Moon Knight.

Marvels and Moon Knight

Keanu Reeves becoming part of MCU as Moon Knight or not?

One of the social media users shared the story of The Geeks WorldWide via social media and claims that someone in Marvel Studios is very eager for Keanu Reeves to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The user also added he believes that Moon Knight It is the perfect fit for the popular actor.

A complicated story of Moon Knight

Without any doubt The story of Moon Knight is complicated. On the other hand clearly ripe for a Disney + TV adaptation. It revolves around the journey of Marc Spector. He was a child of a rabbi father. Born and grew up in Chicago, he becomes a heavyweight boxer before enlisting as a U.S. Marine. From his military career to involving in an archaeological excavation task in Egypt, the story keeps every one tie in a single thread. It leads us to a statue of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu was discovered.

Moving further, In a freezing night, Spector is left to die at the dig site. Khonshu the moon god awaits him in a trance. Everything happens for a reason right, here is the one. He asked Spector if he becomes his incarnation on Earth, he will let him live. And Here, he wakes up and turns Moon Knight. And we discovered that he has a dissociative identity disorder.

Marc Spector now with the powers of Moon Knight chooses to become a crime fighter. With all the money he earned in his lifelong service, Spector uses his wealth to better fight crime. And how can we forget about his several aliases, the one entrepreneurial character Steven Grant, and the other a taxi driver character Jake Lockley?

Rumours vs Reality

Moving back to the rumours, we wanna say rumours are rumours till they are clarified by the makers. But if there is any headline-making noise in the lanes of an industry that means something is cooking.

It’s an open secret that Marvel Studios has been trying to find a way to bring Reeves into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for some time. And we the fan’s always suggested the name of the actor in the wish lists. Apart from all this, the news got air by the statements of the Marvel boss Kevin Feige.

Speaking in an interview, he has spoken before about his efforts to bring Reeves to the MCU. “We talked to him in almost every movie we make, “He stated. “I don’t know when, if or if he will ever join the MCU, but we want to find out the right way to do it.”

Signs are given by the makers and the fans suggest that they want to see the Canadian actor becoming a member of the MCU. Now it’s totally on him whether he wants to or not.

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