Kate Chastain Relationship Status in 2022? Is She Lesbian?


Captain Lee Rosbach or even Chief Steward Kate Chastain are 2 different names that spring to mind when thinking of Bravo’s famous yachting television series Below Deck. Captain Lee has been in each season of the series, although Kate was on the show for six seasons until leaving after Season 7.

Captain Lee has been blissfully engaged to Mary Anne Rosbach for 46 years, whereas Kate has kept her love life a secret. Kate was currently dating her partner in Season 4 of the program, but the two ended the relationship long just after season ended, and the cops had to interfere.


Is Kate Chastain dating someone?

Continue reading to hear more about her ex, if she’s now seeing anybody, and what she’s said about discussing her private affairs with the audiences after her rocky previous breakup.

Kate has been cautious about any love ties she was pursuing before to Season 4 of Below Deck. She eventually told some of her castmates about her lover, Ro Hernandez, on the show. She admitted that she’d never met a woman before because she only had contemplated dating Ro after spending some time with her. Kate had barely been dating Ro for approximately a month before she departed to tape the show.

Ro is a professional footballer in earlier life who was born in Madrid. Despite Kate’s unreserved praise for her lover on Twitter, their romance came to an abrupt stop after Season 4 wrapped. Kate was convicted in Florida in June 2016 on allegations of domestic abuse battery by strangulation. Despite the fact that the allegations were subsequently dismissed, the detention was a factor in their split.

Later, Kate stated that the pressure of her career, as well as the duration she stayed far away from Ro, had put a burden on their relationship. While Kate appears to be single at the moment, we can’t expect her to be as open about romantic interactions as she was while dating Ro.

Is Kate Chastain a Lesbian?

Following the public revelation of her connection with Ro, the reality TV star opened up about her homosexuality. Kate told Bravo’s The Daily Dish that she isn’t interested in putting labels on anything in her personal life.

“Each and every single person who may know me will be taken a back by the news since it is so out of portrayal for me. I don’t believe I’d be interested in a relationship ladies after this if I broke up with this girl. I don’t give it any thought in terms of labeling. I simply feel like I’ve met someone with whom I love spending time, and that’s all I’m naming it “On the show, she stated.

Kate has made one decision as a result of her difficult relationship with Ro: she will not discuss her dating situation again. In October of 2018, she spoke with People Now on how she’s become more cynical when it relates to revealing her private life. When questioned how it felt to watch how the public reacted to the breakup of her relationship, Kate replied it made her change what she would act in the upcoming years.

“Definitely, I’m not going to be as forthright about who I’m dating. Thankfully, that’s all entirely disappeared, but I’m some more selective as to who I date now since individuals might act one thing and then turn out to be quite the opposite “she stated