Kakeguri Season 3: Netflix Finally Confirmed The Release Date!

Kakeguri has emerged as one of the most successful anime series of recent times. Due to the global pandemic, the series boosted the audience and received widespread popularity from the worldwide audience. Kakeguri is one of the most successful anime of the time and as much as the audience loved the series, somewhere they are waiting for the series to renew for its third season. Will there be Kakeguri Season 3?

The anime is based on the popular manga series that is written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Tōru Nomura. Sharing a similar title, the manga series was already popular from the beginning of its publication. A lot of readers were drawn to the show since it offers an amazing storyline about high school students. 



Later MAPPA has decided to work on the project and they release the series for the first time on the screen.With the release of the anime, Thousands of people were added to the fandom. According to the report, the viewership of the series increased after the anime adaption. Within a year, the show has taken over all the other anime series and fans are enjoying everything about the show. 

Since the end of the second season, fans are gaping whether or not there will be a third season of the anime series. The audiences are waiting for the renewal of the series for a long time and still, there are no updates. Here is everything you need to know about Kakeguri Season 3.

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Will there be Kakeguri Season 3?

Kakeguri Season 3  There is no doubt that Kakeguri is one of the popular anime series. Within the release of the two seasons, the show has gained huge popularity from the global audience. These fans are crazy about the series and are waiting for the show to get confirmed. 

But the main question that lies here is, Will there be Kakeguri Season 3? The world of gambling is getting stronger in the two-season but does MAPPA is interested in playing more cards? Well, as of now, there is no official announcement from the studio. 

Without proper confirmation, it would be hard to predict the future of the series. The show is already available on Netflix and it is also one of the huge sources of the popularity of the series. No one is abandoned by how popular Kakeguri is. From Tik-Tok to the internet, everyone is excited to witness the biggest renewal. 

Its been seen that the renewal of the series is often based on how popular the show is. We already have seen numerous series with amazing storylines get canceled because of the low viewership. 

If we see the mass success of the show, Kakeguro surely deserved another season. The show has the potential to run for multiple seasons and the studio is already known for these things. 

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When Kakeguri Season 3 is going to Release?

There is no official statement that would confirm the release of the anime. The officials have not yet responded about the show and there is no doubt whether or not the show will release more episodes or not. 

Inspired by the manga series that shares the same name, Kakeguri already has 56 episodes that have told enough storylines. Although there is a lot of source material left to cover the officials have concluded the series in such a way that it looks completed. 

On the other hand, there are more chances for the series to start another session, the same thing has happened when the first season was ended. Many people are predicting that there might be a delay in the show due to the global pandemic. 

The series came to know more because of the pandemic. As the virus has already stopped the production of many series, Kakeguri might fall in the same zone. 

If things went right and the officials decided to renew the series, we might be able to see Kakeguri Season 3 in 2023 or 2024.

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What will be Kakeguri Season 3 all about?

Kakeguri Season 3 Updates

The story of the anime follows Hyakkou Private Academy, an elite school that is filled with children of wealthy parents from Japan. Although the Academy called itself a school and the students came there to read they never talk anything about studies. 

The school teaches their elite students gambling and how it can be played to wi9n the most amount of money, the person who got the most money through gambling holds fame and popularity around the school. 

Moreover, the series has a dark side which shows how the students that don’t win the game falls into the trap of debt and then became the slaves of the people.

If there will be another season, it will focus on the same plot and discuss these students. There is no official confirmation about what season 3 could bring to the table. Everyone has their guesses and prediction to make. What do you have to say? Comment down below and find out everything about the series.

Final Words

The4 third season of Kakeguri is not yet confirmed. The confirmation of any series directly depends on the popularity of the show. Neither Netflix nor the MAPPA has released the exact viewership of the series but the online ratings are evident that the series holds much potential to get a release. The fans are pretty sure that there are a lot of things left to be covered. Since the third season is not yet confirmed,  people are assuming that this is because of the global pandemic. 

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