K9 From Border Protection Unit Detects Illegal Import Of Mummified Monkey Remains Referred To As ‘Bushmeat’

U.S. Customs and Border Protection apprehended a traveler for attempting to smuggle preserved monkey remains into the country at Boston’s airport.

The CBP agency released a statement on Friday, stating that on Jan. 8, K9 Buddey was conducting luggage screenings for Delta flight 225 from Paris to Logan International Airport. According to reports, the dog alerted its handler to a particular bag.

According to reports, the bag’s owner initially stated that it contained only dried fish. However, agents decided to conduct a deeper investigation. Authorities discovered four monkeys and dried fish inside, all of which were found dead and dehydrated.

Meat from wild animals in certain regions, such as Africa, is commonly known as ‘bushmeat’. The press release highlighted the potential health risks associated with consuming bushmeat, which is sourced from various wild animals such as bats, nonhuman primates (monkeys), cane rats (grasscutters), and duiker (antelope).

Importing bushmeat into the U.S. is strictly prohibited. CBP contacted the Center for Disease Control and took immediate action by confiscating and disposing of approximately 9 pounds of bushmeat. According to a press release, Delta Airlines was responsible for either disposing of the bag or sending it back to France.

No charges were pressed. As per the CDC website, there is a substantial fine of $250,000 for importing bushmeat into the United States.

Border protection agricultural specialists diligently inspect international shipments and traveler baggage daily to identify and prevent the spread of invasive insects, federal noxious weeds, and plant and animal diseases.